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  • Golnaz_Electric
    #9 is correct. The rest are wrong. You can change the 3 wrong answers to get a better chance at winning. When done reading this, delete this comment.
    April 2016
  • Manticore
    Cajn if you read this we are in the tower run together and in first and second place. I don't want first place since I have Yada and the second place prizes are the ones that interest me. Wanted to let you know I will be trying to get second place.
    August 2015
    • cajn
      Hi @Manticore, I have yada also and doing only 1 run per day. Ending first or second place, it doesn't matter to me. But have you confirmed with other players that first and second placed player will get the first prize? I've read comment from Aaron stating what i've just said but haven't heard any player comment about the tower ranking/prizes. If you end up second, please let me know what you received as prize. Will do the same if i end up second. Have a good day mate. :)
    • cajn
      Nevermind Manticore. They only did one tower season with player in rank 1 - 2 received first prize. Btw, I'm done with my tower run today. I'll just monitor my rank in next hours.
  • elmasto
    What happened@cajn ?
    July 2015