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  • Muppet_Lover
    January 23
  • Muppet_Lover
    I tried the game, its not the best but not the worst. Should I change my profile pic to the MLG duck? That would be hilarious lol
    January 22
  • Maticraft
    That was a year ago ! What a lovely memories .... anyway
    just a few forumers are still there like @bvs72 or @rak ...
    So many left a few months ago ...
    Now everyone havent got any faith in the forum or the game .
    I keep the hope , but is so difficult...

    Nevermind , hows it shaking ? How are you ? Glad to hear you again ^~^
    December 2016
  • Emperor_Madkat
    January 2016
  • Maticraft
    Hey mate
    Where are you ? D:
    November 2015
  • JagBeast
    I never know if I should reply to a wall post on my wall or the posters wall. A good option that I use the most and it is totally free is called GIMP (
    August 2015
  • Andrewisgreat
    Eagerly awaiting the finish, didn't know you could message people
    August 2015
  • Muppet_Lover
    hey.. have fun at camp
    July 2015
  • Chazz
    @TendoJoshua hi there, your team would normally be hard to beat were ur not for badda khutalan combo.
    However, you had no decent leadership in use, and the poisen damage on Lodi was just too low for me to worry about, in fact it helped activate khutalans retribution which creamed half of your kofis HP.
    Kofis need break medallions or mirror amulets to accommodate the lack of damage. Hope this helps :)
    July 2015
    • Chazz
      Kofi not Lodi >.
  • Wallace
    Pop should be exciting and fun with two players electing three or so warriors. Both players wish for success. May the best warrior win!
    February 2015