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  • Muppet_Lover
    March 2016
  • Maticraft
    Whoa , what a great team dude !
    Glad to see you in the forum
    March 2016
  • bread_krum
    December 2015
  • Maticraft
    But you need to press the picture of the tree next to the C in your comment and put the link in it.
    December 2015
  • Maticraft
    Go to

    Select Upload from device


    And then copy the link on the image


    Click the tree image on top lf your comment


    Paste the link in it

    Always put .jpg at the end of an image

    Example : to

    And that is all !
    Put an image the image in my wall first because you can do it wrong.
    When I started in the forum it cost me a lot.
    Good luck !
    December 2015
  • Maticraft
    Karrion is just awesome.
    He is a very balanced warrior.
    It is definetly worth to 35.

    Congrats for ali ! Yeah , he is amazing

    Le roc is worth it to 44.
    With crit-retri-overkill he can kill almost anyone
    With shell-anti-neutraliza he can spam more than 4 Special Moves!
    With guard-ss-bodyguard he can die and then bost your team !
    December 2015
  • Maticraft
    The best team for Ping that I made is :
    Ping - Boudicca - Gwen
    Ping is a super balanced warrior. Also , she is cutteeeee ^~^
    Utu is great combined with Dao. First , put an AoE (Are of Effect , a warrior that has a SM that hurts all the enemies) in front on your team. When he dies , let Utu and Dao finish all the enemies
    November 2015
  • Maticraft
    The best claw crush depends of your play style:
    Aka : Great NM (normal strike) , good SM (Super move).
    He is a beast agaist light armorer warriors. He can destroy most of the glass camnons (low health with light armor) with just one SM. He is the balanced attacker.
    Doongara : Good NM , Great SM.
    He likes destroying air ! If you need to fight vs an air heavy armorer enemy , he is your man. He is the elemental attacker.
    Seni : Decent NM , Amazing SM.
    Do you want to destroy an enemy ? Do you want to K.O that stupid warrior ? He likes to destroy warriors ! But he is fragile , so beware to fire enemies , they can easily kill him.. The physical attacker.
    Paccorus : decent NM , bad SM
    You want a wall to withstand the damage ?
    You want a high durability warrior ? Paccorus is good for his job.He is the tankiest.
    I prefer aka , but most of this forum prefers doongara. Make your choice :D
    November 2015
  • yakib
    November 2015
  • Maticraft
    Welcome to the forum , mate :D
    Your first comment in your first discussion ... Thats weird xD
    I love Ping and she is cuteeeee ^~^
    Click my name and post any question that you want to know if you like :D
    November 2015