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  • starwind227
    Hey there.
    I may or may not have found a way to get a few warriors on the sly. You can message the support staff and say you decided to get to 8*'s and sacrificed some warriors, but that your didn't understand how it worked, so you sacrificed them on the main home base screen (how youd normally sac a warrior) instead of when prompted in the "upgrade me" door.
    I may or may not have used this to get 6 new legendaries (make it a multiple of 3).
    You may or may not be able to use this to get Back Trieu, Yi Ho and Alboin.

    But I can neither confirm nor deny anything, just don't abuse it and be sure to know it's a one-time thing, so make your choice count. Don't post it on the main forum either.

    If you catch my drift.
    November 2016
  • haha i fully realize those arnt bugs. I went with the ignorance point of view for some variance given that there are tons of complaint threads regarding these topics already. The more negative feedback the higher chance of a fix after all
    March 2015