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A pointless post.


Ever since I left this game nearly 3 years ago, I've continued to cherish the memories I made here and how this niche community helped me navigate through a time in my life that lacked direction.

The year I spent here was one where I realized high school was ending soon and I would have to find some kind of career in my life, find a purpose. Frankly I wasn't ready to do that, I just wanted to be a kid for a little while longer before committing to what I know will be a life filled to the brim with work and responsibilities.

Here I wasn't a grade point average, I wasn't a ward of the state, I wasn't the future of my family or my country. Here I was one voice among many in a long, passionate, and stimulating conversation surrounding a game I really enjoyed. I got to escape from reality during the day to check in with a group of people I grew to value and respect, not because we were related or otherwise pressured to interact, but because we proved the sum of our character to one another with our words.

I just want to say thank you to all the people here that helped me make the transition from child to young adult by giving me a platform and a space to express myself. Since leaving this game, I graduated high school, got into college on a full ride scholarship, and now am pursuing a Political Science Bachelor's degree. I credit in part the members of this forum for granting me their respect and veneration, which helped me stay resolute in the difficult pursuit of higher education that I've embarked on for the past few years.

I have no idea how many of you that will read this post will even remember me, and for those that joined this forum after November of 2015, I'm sorry for confusing you with this sappy post. You have to understand this forum wasn't alway like this. I was here during the golden age of this game and back then the people of this forum formed bonds you would never expect to originate from a mobile game.

I just want you guys to know that I will never forget this place, and what you all have done for me. <3
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