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A full idea and description for a good update .

Yes yes yes , you want money but we want update .

Warriors and Minions update .
Pay 10 wild stones to enter . A board game looking map . Different warriors represent chess pieces . Different quest on each checkered squared (Kill 10 minions , earn 10000 coins) . End of the board , player can receive a limited edition warrior (like Akbar) . All warriors throughout history is already in the game ? Introduce mythology .

Boom simple . Effective way to get players to buy wild stones . Another way to use wild stones . New warrior(s) . New update . More players .
  • Cool idea! Definitely would like to see this. Just as long as it doesn't cost alot of wildstones, 10 wildstones is enough.
  • As you said New update new warriors equal more players and so more money
    They have to do it I guess it's not sooo hard to bring a new content to the game even if this content is just new warriors!!
    They have to end the story too ....
  • There's currently a total of 16 *coming soon* characters between the minion and warrior books. Figure that the holiday ones could continue to stay blank until the holiday arrives that the character corresponds to. This would introduce a little new content, fill in the gaps that have been empty for eons and possibly bring some people back.

    I'd also thought an addition to the arena in which people could gamble their wildstones away on a blind matched opponent would be interesting. It has the potential of getting people to buy back into the game if they gamble big and lose.

    Really though, the change in their model makes absolute zero sense to me. The idea if I'm not mistaken is to continue to have people logging in. But switching the red door to more or less spitting out rare characters, removing the legendary and super rares pulls is nonsense. Personally I spent more money on the game when everything was available from the red door. Moves like that are common place when the I is around - similar to The Old Republic.
    Regardless, it'd be lovely to hear back from a dev regarding the status of the game. Even just a "hello" would suffìçė.
  • We are alone in that **** Universe mate...

    I'd say the ship is sinking... But we are as the Titanic is at this moment...

    On the whole ground, 10 thousand meter under the sea. IRON GET RUSTED AND FISHES GO everywere IN the old rooms...
  • I highly doubt the game is going to get any sort of update any time soon.

    There are few people left, there have been western door rotations and arena prizes from months ago repeated, it's only a matter of time until everything stops completely.
  • Just a suggestion...

    Dont waste your money and your time in this game... It's over.

    They have no more interest in follow up of the players.. they dont care about us and so on...

    Please evaluate that carefully
  • They are cutting off every veterans (old players)

    Using the CHO Error system.

    They dont carw about problems of the people has having with this game.

    Caeso is right.

    It's just a matter of time and everything will go down.
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