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Update ?

Is There Still Going To Be A March Update ?
  • edited February 2017
    Probably not. Well that's what everyone is saying. Updates cost money to make, Fracture is on budget, no update. I wanted to ask everyone, if they did give us the opportunity to say what we want in the update, and they do it, and everyone is really happy and pleased with the update. Would you buy wildstones to support fracture for listening to our ideas and bringing a update everyone is pleased with, or not supporting them by buying wildstones after they listen to us and bring a update everyone is pleased with? This is the only way to save this game, they have to listen to our ideas, and make a update we all love, and we have to support this by buying wildstones. I don't know about you guys, but if this happened, i would definitely buy wildstones, the fact that they listen to the community, is enough of a reason for me to buy wildstones, to support them. I can't think of any other way of saving this game, pretty sure this is the only way. I hope creators are reading this (highly unlikely, but i have hope) and hopefully see that they have to listen to us, the community, to bring back this game from the ashes and become a populated game. This game has potential, i can see it.
  • If they still listen, they're doing a bad job of showing it.
  • As I have seen from other people n the forum, they have sent a letter to see what has been going on. They are working on it. So don't just give up on them all the sudden.
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