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Summon a "powerful" warrior

I had 50 wildstones, I got these warriors:

someone kill me please
  • lol i spent my last 10 ws to get Amadook too lol
  • The worst thing was I already had amadok, so..
  • WTF. how many warriors do you have? This happened to me with Ali, when i had just 30 warriors but i got 1 dupe not 4 dupes like urs. But still i mean there are alot of 3-4 pip warriors, and i only had like 5 3-4pip warriors, the chances of getting ali back to back is really low. I learnt my lesson and spaced out my pulls, when you spam the door, it malfunctions lel.
  • I don't actually have many warriors, I have more minions than warriors.
    The only few warriors I have are specials and a few others.
  • Well now we know amadok is strong
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