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Does anybody remember me?

Hey forumers,
It's been about a few months since i have been on this forum. I hope you all remember me >.<, And I have really drifted off this game and started to play different ones. I still play from time to time, and my brother plays too. Since its the school year, i barely find time to play any thing, only being able to play on the weekend.(i'm doing this from the school library computer). But in the summer, I tend to do it more for arena, since I get much more game time. I still like this game, being one of my all-time favorites, but i play it less and less every day, playing other games like clash royale,, overwatch, and smash bros. I remember the old days, where i used to spend all my time leveling up my warriors, but now that spark is well-gone. Keeping most of my warriors at level 34/44 just makes me bored. And arena is out of the question, since i don't have the time. Tower I might do sometimes, but I barely play WOW anyways. God hall I can't do, and portal is kinda useless to me now, since i don't have all the time to do all those fight. I came back to this forum because I miss having all those conversations about the game I liked so much. I remember talking to friends like @zzrrdd @muppet_lover and @rak and having long conversations and arguments. And Also putting so much time into the spreadsheets (Which no one really used). I hope you can forgive me being away so long and I hope you can accept me back into this forum.
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