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Anyone have a tier list for minions ?

The title said so .
So anyone ?
  • I have a tear list. It includes all minions.
  • #1 Klik Klak
    #2+ nobody cares
  • What tier would Corvus be in ? I heard he's a bad one .
  • I concur with Apollos - nobody cares about minions.

    Devs don't care nobody cares
  • I'll give it a whirl, ordered by element. Seems like the minions gave us a top class AOE/Booster + some oddballs that are worth leveling. And a fair amount of junk.

    A List: I am a fan of boosters while colors my view.
    -Boarhammer - Great health, hits hard. Good leader.
    -Klik-Klak - Baller
    -Driz - Joan-like AOE
    -Ooze - Great booster, tons of health
    -Krimpus - Great even though he got NERF'd. Great leader and mop up guy.
    -Februl - Great booster, tons of health
    -Flak - Hector-like AOE
    -Gruft - Ping-like AOE
    -Typh - Great booster, tons of health
    -Mudd - Most balanced earth AOE
    - Rok - Great booster, tons of health

    B List:
    -Ramraider - Solid health. Decent leader. Little low on power.
    -Kringle - Speculating since I don't have him leveled up to 44 yet, but hoping he's -Joan-like. Might be a bit fragile with his health, hence the B.

    C List:
    -Snorshank - I wanted to like him but he's pretty ineffective
    -Bludbeard - OK leader with the 30% boost (especially when paired with a booster), tons of health but low power. Better leaders out there for a fire team.
    -Gutrot - Same as Bludbeard but for air
    -Slydor - Same as Bludbeard but for water
    -Sneek - Same as Bludbeard but for earth

    D List:
    -Corvus - His badness is well-documented
    -Dark Dirk
  • @jjmcgill is pretty much spot on. Kringle isn't a minion but he pretty much sucks from what I can tell. Better to use Joan/Alboin/Cutbert/Driz... He'd be my last choice in 8/10 cases.
  • Good point on Kringle @Kemical, forgot he was a Warrior. Bummer that he is no good, was hoping for a Krimpus-type.
  • @jjmcgill thanks a lot really helped . Planning to boost a warrior with lvl34 Corvus .
  • edited January 2017
    @Belzelga I feel like Corvus is underrated. However, he's somehow still weaker than Krimpus...
  • Kringle fights like Zuu.
  • I was looking for another earth AOE aside from Mudd. Seemed like Khutulun was too Gwen-like fragile for general use and Ironheart didn't have the pips on the SM to pack a punch. That left me with Zuu who I wasn't optimistic about. @minh_74 sounds like Zuu isn't the answer either, that right? Do you know if Ironheart does OK as an AOE (I think he's a better leader with a booster).
  • @jjmcgill IMO Khutulun is your best bet. She does everything necessary of the AOE role in terms of damage, it's just that she dies easily. I'd suggest pairing her with another earth leader, and then use the SM until death. You'll get off at least 1 Retri SM, and by then all the enemies are dead or close to it.

    Ironhart is great, and he outclasses Zuu by a significant amount. He's a much better leader than any other Earth warrior, and he's durable to boot. I set him up with Badda and he wrecks shop.

    Notice how when using boosters, you will always want to pair one offensive with one defensive and have a warrior of the opposite element in between for Scorpio fun (Water-Earth, Fire-Air).

    Badda (offensive) goes with Ironhart (defensive).
    Spurius (defensive) goes with Zuu/Khutulun (offensive).
    Minion boosters go great with minions :mrgreen:

  • Frankly @jjmcgill, I use Zuu mainly for his body guarding skill. I agree with @Kemical's assessment. I favour Ironheart over Khutulan outside of the arena. Zuu's too "middle of the road" to get excited about, but he can get the job done. With auto- potion, Zuu MIGHT be as effective as Ironheart - but you gotta reach god hood to see that happening.
  • I can see some old warriors are still around !!
    Tell me guys is time good to be back or it will be a waste ?!
  • @karamelakimo Hahaha, you're still here?
    Not much is going on. If you don't have Kashta (I don't) he's in the arena this week.
    I'm just sticking around to bring every warrior to 44 and then I'm heading out. But that won't be for a while...I don't even have a full book yet!
  • Nice to see you around @karamelakimo.
    I doubt that 999 arena prizes were handed out last week. I reached rank 1 with about 10 hrs to go and still came in the mid 500's.
    The EoGs are plentiful now though.
  • @karamelakimo - I got my seat for the end. There is still room for you.

  • @rak well I got it lol :smiley:

    @Kemical well I have Kashta already I guess may be he was the last warrior i got as prize so it's funny to know :smiley: I miss a lot of warriors in between most of them are minions or new warriors .. there was a point I wanted really to bring all my warriors to 34 and quit but didn't make it hope you can :wink:

    @minh_74 nice to see you too buddy it's cool to have EOGs now it was one of reasons why i left the game anyway good luck for catching them all :smiley:

    @bvs72 hahahahaaa I really really miss your jokes my lovely orange head buddy :smiley:
  • That's mission impossible @karamelakimo. The minions I am missing are not available through any of the doors.
    Are you practicing medicine yet?
  • @minh_74 yeah i'm facing that problem too i can't get any of those warriors who came special from western doors or those natural element ones and don't know how to get them
    Yes i do i'm in the last month now bro and will start my own career soon
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