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Kuro Arena Season Progression Thread

Is it a new warrior?! Is it a new minion?! Nope, its anthoner booooorig arena Season, but if u dont have kuro yet u should go for him. And watch out of his playstyle. It isnt very exciting
  • Zzzzzzzzzz
  • This is a joke. Why no votes? Most players have kuro at this point anyway! Last season I only made 19k and still finished below 800. I honestly don't think 999 players make it to rank 1 nowadays and this is evidence why!
  • Kuro is the games most overrated warrior. Snore
  • @AllDay2K

    What do you mean by 'overrated'?

    If this game is about 'fun', he is overrated. If it's about winning, he's the brightest star. Once you pull/win Kuro your WoW is going to change forever :smile:
  • Meh, IMO kuro is overall worse than McCabe or Leonidas. If you don't have hard hitting tank or solid player (I mean like McCabe or Zahra) 1 switch striker can destroy your team by killing kuro. It's not the point to greatness to put 2 tanks above Kuro. Btw u can be bored while using him.
  • @23Timmy23 What I mean by overrated is that in a list of top warriors, he doesn't make the top 10... maybe even the top 20. Early on in the game he had a place but as this game has developed he's become more vunerable and less useful. I feel he's still viewed as a top warrior in this game by the majority of the WoW community... but I've never really liked him or thought he was all that great. He's a one trick pony with zero versatility and even less enjoyability as far as gameplay is concerned.
  • Kuro is sitting on the bench....
  • I sacrificed Kuro for my recently promoted Viriathus, so I guess I'm going for Kuro now. Whoo.
  • ****. I got exams so can't play the game for a week and I don't even have kuro!
  • You only need about 19000 stars for Kuro @Reptal. With the current server, this should only take you 6 hours to achieve....
  • Played for the EoG only, stopped with 18k points still finished 784th.

    Theoretical question: is it possible to win a prize without reaching rank1?
  • im going to say no...if only 998 hit rank 1 then only 998 players get the qualify for the warrior, you must first be in rank 1 AND then be in the top 999...

    I have not logged in to see what i got but i stopped as soon as i hit rank 1. I assume i also got a kuro unlock then...nice waste of a good hero. They really should give players greed stones in these situations...
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