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Krimpus nerfed!

Just got massage in treasure box that krimpus is just nerfed. They were able to made this few weeks ago but anyway GJ MC!!
  • Lmao krimpus was released several months ago ...... Omg
    Its like they meet 2 twice a year to some work........
  • @rak I think you're not far from the truth... Finally they've nerfed one of the most OP characters in the game!
  • Does this mean he is no longer a gift of doom?
  • well what about people that decided to upgrade him to max levels based on his OP status....
  • awful decision; he was powerful, but died easily.

    He was a gift, so should be special. And a lot of people used materials to take him up based on that power.

    Lastly, you could only use him once a day in arena anyway, so what harm was it really doing?
  • @pull he was annoying on arena defense teams. Whilst I agree that it's unfair to those who upgraded him, I think he was too OP to begin with. MC/Fracture should have patched it out before releasing him!
  • @Zzrrdd for sure and I agree about annoyance on defense teams, but that's what jugs are for! Kuro and Zahra and several others are annoying on defense teams as well.

    Anyway, not trying to start an argument by any means; what has happened has happened. Now, I'd just like to know how much he got nerfed. Is he basically useless now?
  • OP but I spent time and money upgrading him to where he is now .. Maybe a little compensation is in order
  • I think we all deserve compensation. Maybe some water materials and ingots. This would be slight compensation for what most of us have spend upgrading him
  • That would be nice ...
  • Can I sac my godlike krimpus and ask MC to gift me Krimpus again? @robofrac
  • Next, sort out 'Combo Rush'.
    That's another OP skill in the Arena which spoils the balance. I always think twice about taking on a team with a CR, especially Leonidas.
  • @TeamAlly the problem isn't combo rush, per se, but a bug that allows the opponent to use the mana they would otherwise get at the end of the turn.
    E.g. a first turn combo rush but the enemy AI should use 3 mana and generate 1 mana after the turn, but it generates 1 mana, then uses all 4 for the attack.

    I think the combo rush bug is a lot more irritating in the arena than Krimpus with a whacked out pip modifier. Mostly because Krimpus paid for his high attack with little defense. A double-protection-talisman Tibs and a boosted Zahra take Krimpus out with ease. Leonidas takes a little more effort.
  • I don't think this is right, honestly. Many people, including myself chose to upgrade Krimpus based on his SM hitting power. To wait this long and then nerf a warrior I spent tons of time and resources is extremely unfair. Sure he was broke. So is Zahra and Tibby, Leonidas, and others also break the game balance. It is what it is. This is another poor move in a long line of poor moves down this game.
  • @AllDay2K the biggest difference between Krimpus and the rest is that Krimpus was a giveaway. How many green stones do players still spend to try to get Leonidas ever time he appears in the western door?
    Not saying it's right, but there's definitely a difference here.
  • Anyone got a before and after comparison? I think the adjustment is around 40-50% judging by his power now... Hmmmmm.
  • @starwind227 I would argue the difference isn't that big. Warriors like McCabe, Zahra, Tibby, Leonidas are widely considered cream of the crop and basically irreplaceable as far as their spot in the game. Is Krimpus that game breaking with him SM? He has a tiny health pool and light armor to compensate for his ability to hit hard... sure he's more powerful then he should be but the gap is smaller then people are stating here, IMO. What's more dangerous here is the principle being set. Does MC/Fracture do this to other warriors ive upgraded in the future? Do they finally see Tibby being the only +35% psy lead and nerf him too? Is McCabe'a NM too close to his SM so they nerf that? Does Zahra get a
    Lower pip modifier to make up for her combination of damage and survivability?

    I'm not saying he shouldn't have been nerfed... but it should've been done immediately, not many months after resources and time were used on a warrior that now is underpowered. It reeks of once again ignoring the player base.
  • rakrak
    edited October 2016
    The problem is they never even mention it before if he was broke or not.......
  • edited October 2016
    ^Precisely. The community even brought the situation to the attention of MC/Fracture with no reply or acknowledgement. It is wrong to now all of a sudden nerf Krimpus when they were aware all along of the traits of The warrior. Poor show
  • I'm glad he was nerfed. New players don't have to worry about us vets having a super OP warrior they can't get.
  • @LeRocIsThor What new players? There are none
  • The uproar when Anchaly was nerfed 80HP was a lot bigger ( but then again, so was the player base.). I could be wrong, but Krimpus' pip modifier went from a 6 down to about a 4. Krimpus is still powerful, but not OP any more.
    My Krimpus is at level 42 currently. I doubt there will be any compensation, but I would have upgraded Krimpus in any case.
  • I am a bit upset as this. I think it was wrong to all of a sudden just smack down the nerf hammer. Anyways, I'll live either way
  • i just upgraded Krimpus to godmode. It is a shame that he is now "downgraded". I would have chosen another Warrior if i had know this.......
  • ^same here. I would have upgraded Joan to god mode.
  • I don't even have krimpus.....
    Never got it
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