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The Adventures of Zuma and Friends

  • Onoooooooo
  • Clovis and the other contenders including ram who is still oblivious to the idea that they were racing wait down at the bottom of the hole waiting for the jugs to refil and for the bets to be recovered.
  • Zuma asks every one were the h**l Clovis was
  • Then Zuma hollers down the hole.
    "Are you all OK?"

    The band of warriors stuck in the hole nod to Zuma. Zuma then turns around, and runs forward the Door of Epics.

    "What are you doing?" Kuro asks as he paces quickly to catch him.

    "We need to summon Zahra. She can help us get them out," Zuma responded.
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    Then he uses the 10 wild stones and he accidentally summons Malik the Umayyad warrior and zuma in frustration says
    "Why Malik he sucks" kuro says to zuma
    " should we rob him of is gold."
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    "Wait! I can help!" Malik said desperately.

    "How?" Zuma asked slowly.

    "I have been boosted by MC this weekend!" Malik said quickly. "Besides, the support team won't get you any compensation, I have learned of their Copy/Paste methods!"

    "Fine," Zuma said quickly. "Now let's go help those warriors out!"

    Edit: Ignore this.
  • I think @JoeBeavis post should be deleted and reposted. I don't like time travel in these stories.
  • "It's ok, the Malik he killed was a dupe", boomed the voice of the Wildlands.

    Editor note: stay in story mode @tylegomaniac haha
  • @TrickyTran Oops, my bad!

    Let's get back on track; After @JoeBeavis killed the dupe Malik, Zuma began to yell at him. "Why did you obliterate him? He may have been useless, but we needed the skill boosts!"

    JoeBeavis responded with a dupe of @bvs72.

    "Bvs72 will give you unlimited Skill Boosts as long as the CH2 error doesn't crash the game," he said.

    "And since he is one of the legendary troll warriors, you will receive the error in 45 seconds."

    And with that, JoeBeavis threw on an invisibility cloak and ran off.
  • Oddly enough Furio and Kukan remain invisible to me.
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    All was right now in the Wildlands but alas such bliss was not meant to be long lived. The Director of Information, Complaints, and Kompensation (D.I.C.K) for MC was charged with "fixing" this happiness bug. Being the original Time-Lord, the D.I.C.K went back to the moment before @joebeavis acquired the invisible cloak and prevented him from doing all his good deeds. To ensure he would never be able to do any more harm to MC, @joebeavis was sent back in time to the era before Battle Twins.
    Upon awakening in the forgotten past, joebeavis noticed he had messages in his inbox. Opening the messages revealed 999 Maliks with no ability to get rid of them. The Malik onslaught drove joebeavis insane 5hp at a time. Only the timely intervention of Zahra(who bore a strong resemblance to Lea Tompson) the lady who would one day be his mother saved our anti-hero from his descent into madness with her love. With her help, they discovered the only way he can return to his original time was to post Malik dupes 999 times thus opening a wormhole back to present day Wildlands and laying the ground for the Muppet Trilogy...
  • Meanwhile, the invisible Kukan joined the Washington Capitals Hockey Team. Sliding around the ice, unseen, he helped the Caps win in preparation for embarrassing the NY Rangers. Furio became an invisible forum troll, searching out and deleting @JoeBeavis posts.
  • @JoeBeavis must make a separate thread dedicated to the Malik posts, otherwise he cannot escape.
  • Then Kwan comes out of the door for some strange reason
  • Then they get Ravi witch they brought to the hole and he freed all of the warriors
  • Clovis who now didn't care if he was stuck in the hole or not looked for Boris who was still paralyzed after mungo charged at him was healed and was able to walk again they went over to ram who was eating a piece of meat after nearly starving to death in hole Boris then said finally we're all back together"
  • Boris looked again in the hole and saw the NY Rangers hockey team and said "why are they there?". Clovis resonds "Kulan put them there. The team was replaced with Malik Dupes for game 3."
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    One day Zuma was hunting then he got shot because he and Cham were mistaken as animals

    The end
  • I'm revive this old tale so let's add on it
  • I guess you missed the part where it said, "the end".
  • Zuma woke up one morning and realized that he had no friends because he was a sleepwalker and in the last 6 months, a serial killer sleepwalker.

    The End
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