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The Adventures of Zuma and Friends

A while a go someone made a story about Shaka and I thought, let us continue this wonderful idea but woth another warrior :)
Rules: have fun

I will start :P
It was an early morning and Zuma had just woken up from yesterdays hunt, Manawa was already up doing his weird tribal stuff and Doongara was chanting some kind of jibberish ...
  • Zuma asked Manawa what the problem was with Doongara. Manawa responded "Doongara had eaten some meat from your yesterday's hunt. Apparently the meat was full of poisson. You need to find a new hinting technique. I am trying to use my magic tribal antidote stuff to purify the meat."
  • then Bibi walked out of the bushes, not so happy. i confirm, she said, that meat is so bad it made me Sikh!!! anyone need some healing herbs?
  • Herb walked out of the bushes, "Someone call my name". Bibi, yells, "You are not a Warrior, be gone". Just then something falls from the sky and lands on Herb. It is Wulf. Herb is demolished since he had no helmet. Wulf bonces off and land in the fire. He comes out covered in soot with a big piece of meat on his sword.
  • Leon comes running from the beach with a bucket of water, sadly, he trippes and pours the water out. "****" said Leon. Wulf is running around like crazy screaming and then, out of nowhere Joan hurls a big rock of ice onto Wulf.
  • Clovis crawls out from under a rock covered in sand and asks everyone if they had seen ram
  • Out of nowhere, the sand erupts.
    Out pops Badda.
    "Anyone order some sand?"
    He said.
  • At this point the ground started shaking around the warriors. Apparently Badda had activated a sink hole and the warriors were getting pulled into an underground river basin.
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    While Zuma sat outside his hut mixing elephant toenail fungus & lion anus fissure clippings for his poisons, Kuro fell from the sky and landed on Manawa's ping pong paddle which snapped in a shower of splinters.

    "Hughhhhhhhh!" yelled Manawa despondently, " you stick broke me!"

    Kuro quickly bowed, in a formal show of apology. As Kuro stood prostrate, Doongara, who was harvesting African tree watermelons, came diving down from above like Greg Louganis, melon in each hand, ready to pulverize them on each side of the midnight ninja's small, childlike head.

    At that moment, Kofi broke through a copse of trees, a recently dead rare white rhino in each hand. As Doongara's melon death blows were about to land, Kofi pushed Kuro out of harm's way and inserted his own buffalo sized head instead. The melons burst in a spray of red juice, pulp, and green viscera.

    Kofi turned to Doongara, licked his lips and smiled, "Seedless, my favoooorite!"

    As Doongara stood there stunned, he heard a strange swishhhhh from above. By the time he looked up, Kuro was upon him in a whirl of skinny little girly arms and daggers.

    Manawa, on the ground hugging his knees, was still staring at his broken paddle. "Stick broke!" he murmured to himself.

    "What's his problem?" asked Kofi, "it was just a cheap wooden large spoon".

    "You don't understand hive holder" said Zuma, "that weapon was made from the ashes of Manawa's father, a great warrior. Kuro has sullied this man's heritage and family "

    "Ha ha ha!" laughed Kofi bombastically. Kuro then jumped on the bodyguard's broad furry back and they rode off into the beautiful rust-red setting African sun.

  • Epilogue

    The next morning, Zuma walked out of the hut to find Manawa on the ground near the fire pit, convulsing like a toddler in a Toys R Us. Near his outstretched open hand lay a vial, half empty, its remaining liquid glowing a bright emerald green........Zuma's assmack poison.

    "Noooooooooo!" cried Zuma, " Bibi, come quick!"

    Bibi was elbow deep in curry mixing when she heard the call. She pranced over to the now near-dead Manawa and reached into her inner self to call forth the power of heal. Bibi was transfixed, summoning a great pool of energy. So clenched was she in her concentration that she passed gas in the face of Doongara, who quickly fell into a coma. After a moment, she released the magic and a golden glow of light enveloped Manawa.

    "Will he make it?"

    "I know not friend Zuma but assuredly, the next time I cast a spell such as this, I shall need an adult diaper"

    Manawa did survive but not unscathed. The healing left him with a permanent crazy man hobo look, and a tongue that he could never reinsert into his mouth.


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    In an alternate universe crixus wonders why his original concept art looks like he's wearing a straining pot turned upside down.
  • Being a bit sad that nobody answered his question and falling down a hole along with the others clovis refused to heal anyone but himself and had already began to climb out of the hole
  • Soon after he has climbed out of the hole Clovis sees Boris making lance hit him to prove he is impervious to pain
  • Clovis saw that everybody was doing something and nobody saw him missing. Even Amadok and Everard were playing jumprope and did not miss him.

    A while later Boris was still standing and he prooved, that he was impervious to pain. Joan, Mungo, who overheard this discussion thought he could proove that Boris is mistaken.

    Mungo charged with all his might slamming into Boris. Boris flew way yonder into the bushes, he did not moove after that charge.

    Back near the fire Joan tried to help Manawa by singing "Let it go". But Manawa was searching for some wood to make a new spanking paddle so he could **** Ping later.
  • Suddenly, Alohi came along and brought his new Pearpad 7 with him. His boost potion app allowed him to shoot to the moon to rescue the legendary Shaka.
  • Alohi said that he was looking for the naked arena. Shaka said there was a big SUPRISE for him.
  • Clovis then realizes he could use everyone ignoring him as a power
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    Clovis then begins to take gold, honor stones, and wild stones from the other warriors without them knowing
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    Suddenly, @Aaron descends from the MC heavens, obliterates Clovis, and donates a long-awaited valued contributer banner to none other than Shaka for his efforts.
  • Clovis then looks up from warrior hell and starts to slowly climb up back into the wildlands which would take days or even months.
  • Clovis then looks up from warrior hell and starts to slowly climb up back into the wildlands which would take days or even months.
  • Then I eat sanwhichs, then I get cho'ed
  • Kringle, the mysterious Warrior from the North suddenly resurrects, appearing before the other warriors in a shimmering explosion of light. Kringle brings hope and prosperity to the MC community, offering trinkets to all players that will turn their opponents into Shaka. Unfortunately, @Aaron and @Chelsea have to step in and remove Kringle, who had been accidentally put back into the Door of Epics by a rogue MC developer who had a thing for Santa Claus.
  • *change "accidentally" to "nefariously"*
  • As Clovis continues to climb he sees a figure climbing as well as Clovis gets closer he sees its ram Clovis shouts out to ram but ram keeps climbing Clovis pulls off a small chunk off the cliff wall and chucks it at ram who is hit in the head by the rock ram looks down angrily and sees Clovis ram slows down to allow clovis to catch up to him.
  • As Ram and Clovis slowly ascended towards the opening of the hole, many of the other warriors slowly gathered around and started making bets.

    "I bet two honor stones on Ram" Huneric said through his crazy teeth.

    "But look at Clovis. His grim determination speaks to me like Bruce Lee. A Wildstone goes to him from me" stated Kuro.

  • Clovis continues to climb next to ram but after over hearing the other warriors at the top of the hole clovis began to climb faster determined to win the bet while ram still bieng an idiot not realizing what was going on continues to climb at the same speed at he was climbing.
  • But then, Kringle again managed to escape the Door of Dupes and watch the spectacle of the race of ascendance happen. But realizing that he will soon become unusable again, he dashes to the hole and hops in. The others gazed in awe, and immediately changed their bets. Clovis, seeing that he now had new competition, quickly scrambled up the rocky wall, desperate to gain a good lead.
  • Then 'pop' out of nowhere, Volten shows up. Pacing it.
    He's at the lead, gonna win it.
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    Then a rockslide happens, triggered by an oblivious MC developer that was playing with a BUG sending a bombard of boulders down upon the those climbing and almost to victory. The initial rocks stuns Clovis and Ram causing a LAG in the race. Eventually everyone CRASHES forcing a restart but only after 24hours as the warriors are now fatigued. Clovis determined to win rushe for the jugs to revitalize but alas no brew is left since Wulf knocked them all over from his intitials impact out of the sky. A memo is sent from MC apologizing and promising future races will be better. Yet nobody can track what happened to all the money wagers that were placed.
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