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Warrior Concept - Lapulapu - the Mactan Ruler


Not sure of the 'Mactan Ruler' title though...
  • Can't wait for a Filipino warrior. I think he should have more tattoo all over his body :) and more beads in the head! :)
  • Hmmm.. Nice @gjan. Evolved form?
  • Looks like the female version of Doongara.
  • @Clawvis yeah maybe. :) i hope MC will consider our LapuLapu -____-
  • Maybe if more people likes the guy. Fingers crossed.
  • He's skill will be like "bolo strike" - skip a turn and next damage will deal 2.5x more damage. Stupendous!
  • Great! Keep up coming up with new characters! Hopefully mind candy will pick it up !
  • @sidfrances that is really a nice move! But i think the Bolo Strike name of the move will not be adapted. Hehe
  • @gjan are you Filipino? If so, where in the Philippines do you live?
  • Yep. Im from bulacan :)
  • edited March 2015
    @Clawvis Very cool warrior concept, and impressive design to boot! There are loads of new warriors yet to be released, so there may be a similar concept already in development. Regardless, we appreciate your idea, and I have shared it with the rest of the team!
  • No worries. 'Just a fan of this awesome game. Keep it up MC team.
  • Warrior concept updated. See main file. cheers
  • Hey @Clawvis, thank you so much for sharing your incredible work. The whole team LOVE this.

    It's good to keep in mind that the warriors we add in the game are historically accurate or based on true historical figures. We try to keep this in mind when concepting new warriors ourselves.

    Your design and style of work is amazing. Please do keep them coming :)
  • Darn, I guess that means no Xena or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • image

    'just updating my lapulapu. (because broken image) XD
  • XD Now I can see him...
  • She can be a 4pip Fire Stealth Assault Warrior or 3pip Fire Regenarationer.
    Is this a she or a he?I once thought that Amanar and Orenda is a she,how weird!
  • Well this is weird. Never thought our hero would be discussed here and I'm from visayas .anyway for the ones too lazy to search XD I got this from Wikipedia and is a pretty accurate description

    Lapu-Lapu was a ruler of Mactan in Visayas. The Philippines regards him as the first Filipino hero because he was the first native to resist Spanish colonization through his victory over the explorer Ferdinand Magellan. ~Wikipedia

    I know MC can find a way to somehow make a story on how he disappeared and found himself in the wildlands.cheers.
  • It's not that weird @Jeechan. 'course I'd love to see a warrior from our very own country ^^.
  • Yeah Pinoy here haha
  • Pinoy here too :)
  • @Clawvis I really like your art. Why isn't this in the fan art section. But then I see why it's here.
  • I think he should be water-aligned since he is an island ruler. Yey pinoys!
  • and can somebody plaese explain how to make a post with pictures in it ..... how to get the picture in there i dont have an url of them
  • and can somebody plaese explain how to make a post with pictures in it ..... how to get the picture in there i dont have an url of them
  • @Gatekeeper69 Okay so this is how you insert a picture onto a post. Find the picture you want. Then if you are on a computer, right click and you should see some options. Click on the one that says "Copy Image Adress." Now go to the forum and you'll see that there are some options in the typing box. Click on the one with a picture with a small tree. Paste the link and click okay.
    Hope this worked :)
  • Thanks @Golnaz_Electric !!! Watch out for a post About new warrior URATOM ! On game chat!
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