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Le Roc and Naro

  • If you read the Android release notes that are stickied, it mentions that Shaka has had a 13% increase in his SM. Does that now make him 2 pip or is he now 1.x pip?
  • Leroc sm seem weak for a 3 pip. Maybe his sm is underpowered
  • Le Roc for sure
    only good thing about Naro is his leader skill
    Tiberius is the only leader who his leader skill didn't affect his other stats
  • Hi Guys,

    I'll look into this, it could be a classic "wrong pip amount displayed on warrior card" bug.
  • It's not a bug and it's not the first example where pip level is not proportionate to stats. Hector has the same issue compared w Joan and Ping.

    Wulf is similar too. He's 3pip, but his ratio of damage between SM and NM is far greater than Kuros.
  • Its just that fire conducts electricity better than air .....
  • As long as they both do more damage than a 2 pip thunder strike and less damage than 4 pip thunder strike then everything is working fine.
  • Hi guys,

    The number of pips next to a warriors special move icon on the warrior card give a rough approximation of how powerful the special move is, it's absolutely possible for 2 different damage-dealing warriors to have slightly different damage outputs despite having the same number of pips - in this case Naro's special is about 11% stronger than LeRoc's but the overall damage of both moves is close enough to be classed as 3-pips.

    Naturally (as you guys have already pointed out) this damage output is modified by leader-skills, Naro's leader-skill is quite powerful and therefore his 3-pip Thunder Strike becomes even more powerful when he is in slot 1, despite that we still class his special move as 3-pips on the warrior card because it makes more sense to show stats before leaders are decided.

    Finally, the special move stat on the warrior card is an absolute indication of special move power, it's not relative to the warriors core stats - 1 pip is weak and 4 pips indicates a powerful special regardless of who owns the special move, Wulf illustrates this perfectly - he has a very low regular attack, but his 3-pip Stealth Strike is just as competitive against any Thunder Strike Naro and LeRoc can perform.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thank you musashi. Entirely too many people on their forum have trouble understanding this.
  • Thanks for the insight.
  • See - it takes Mind Candy only six months to definitively state that pips are not connected to warrior stats.

    This is shaping up to be a great weekend.
  • No worries guys.

    I do apologise for the delayed replies, but I promise it's only because we're focused on getting you guys new updates as soon as possible!
  • @Musashi. I appreciate the reply.
  • Naro's stats are kinda like Grim's, both of their's are relatively low but their special move is very high
  • Are you sure ?
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