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Le Roc and Naro

Both have 3pip Thunder Strike, aside from leader skill who has a better dmg output?
  • Who's got the better physical damage and element damage?

    Also are we talking about who deals more damage to the weaker element, Neutral element or stronger element?
  • Mostly interested in the physical dmg part since both have low elemental stats.
    I only have Naro so I can't compare
  • Thanks @vitaliy le roc wins in all three rounds. If Naro leads, le roc hits more. If le roc leads, he hits more. If both don't get a leaders boost, le roc wins. Le roc might even be a little better against Earth warriors too
  • Naro sm is more dmg than le roc. But le roc nm is bigger
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    @renth4. That seems to contradict the warrior cards, but...:
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    Warrior card at 20



    Naro and le roc sm hit neutral enemy with naro as leader

  • @renth4. Please post regular strikes.
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    Any theories as to why Naro's Thunder Strike is so much more powerful than Le Roc's? I'm not seeing anything obvious on the warrior cards that could explain this.
  • That is surprising...
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    Odd! Naro has lower stats but his SM hits harder than le Roc at the same lvl :s
  • Naro perfect nm with naro as leader


    Le roc great (sigh) nm with naro as leader
  • It appears those warrior cards don't mean much.
  • or perhaps Naro's thunder strike is a 4pip instead of 3..
  • Even when naro's sm was 2 pip, it hits bigger than le roc's
  • We need Huneric's number to be sure of what's going on.
  • @Axiom and shaka too
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    Shaka is only 1-pip so not as useful.
  • @stevebollinger
    Naro is leader in both examples though.
  • @stevebollinger in the screenshot both Naro and Le Roc have been boosted with +25%
    Naro still hits harder with his SM
  • Naro and le roc sm and le roc as leader. Still, naro hits harder


  • What Steve is pointing out. Is the SS where naro and le roc are fighting slydor
  • @myslexic even then if you de-calculate the added bonus he'd still hit harder :)
  • My naro is at lvl 30 right now, I'll post a pic soon after he's done training with his regular attack and then his SM, if someone else can do le roc that would be great.
  • Naro is 3.5 pips SM?
  • Wasn't Naro supposed to be a 4-pip warrior? I didn't follow that thread, so I'm not sure. Maybe Mind Candy forgot to adjust him back to 3 pips.
  • What? That doesn't make sense. In terms of SM, Naro hits harder even though his stats are weaker.

    So can SM of the same pip vary between warriors, so like 3.0, 3.5, etc?
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    Actually I'm not surprised by this result. Naro is weaker in stats, so he needs a slightly stronger special move to balance that. If one is weaker in both stats and sm, he would be useless. Even +25% leader won't justify that, because he is easily killable.
  • hm...interesting. With the assumption that the SM strengths are based on the warriors' stats, this looks like a potential bug to me.
  • I believe Naro's thunder strike is 3.5 pip.
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