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Contacting Us & Finding Ticket Numbers

Contacting Us

You can contact our support team and get help in many different ways.

In Game
1. Press the 'Gear' icon at the top left of the screen.
2. Press 'Contact Help & Support'.
3. Click the displayed email address.

You can reach us directly on support @!

Anything from logging into the game to transferring your game save between multiple devices, our support team and helpful members of the community are here to help! Just post here in the Technical Issues & Support boards!

Social Media
Got a burning question, or just want to say hey? Reach out to our social media team and keep up to date with the latest happenings on our Facebook, Twitter & YouTube pages.

Finding Your Support Ticket Number

When you contact support via email, a ticket number is generated. Staff may request your ticket number from time to time. Your ticket number is displayed in the following places:

In the Subject line of the email.
Subject: Re: Help Me! [111111]
(For privacy reasons, please be sure to only post the first 6 digits of your customer service ticket number.)

At the very bottom of the email.
This email was sent to *email address* in response to Ticket # 111111. Please do not remove the ticket number from the subject line. © Mind Candy Ltd. Company number: 05119483. Registered in England. 15 Bonhill St, London EC2A 4DN.
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