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What has become of this game?

It’s probs been 2+ years since I quit, does this game still exist even?
  • The game barely survived. Can't say the same about the community though
  • This forum will never go down, as you can see...
  • I remember the days when the forum was buzzing. A post I made at the beginning of March is still on the first page of game chat. I remember when we had a group chat lol. Ah, those were the days. Then mind candy got greedy and made the game all about money.
  • Here is a point on the state of the game:
    Two weeks we have no arena
    Two weeks that the western door is closed
    and now, the tower is closed too
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    Pure nostalgia, nothing else.
  • Well I began playing again but now that the **** Tower is closed I can’t even upgrade all my Pokemon to lvl 29
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