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Been a while

Not sure if anyone is out there anymore, been a over a year since I quit playing but I started again over the past week. Any news of the next update since 2016? I forgot how fun the game was to level up warriors and the feeling of building a new warrior skill path. Just taking the time to say hello to anyone that still checks in
  • Welcome back! I doubt there will be updates on the mobile version but world of warriors is coming out on ps4 very soon.
  • Ha, same. It's weird though, the Arena schedule is always out of whack (10+ days for a SNEEK season??) and sometimes there isn't even a season at all hahaha. But this game still holds many memories, and I still have a lot of warriors to get and train up, so I've been playing a lot lately.
  • Always hoped there would be an update to the game, I can imagine that word would spread pretty quick if there was a big update/overall.
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