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Release World Of Warriors PS4 03/30/18 ??

edited January 31 in Game Chat
Hi guys !
On a French video game shop "micromania", there's a preorder of World of Warriors on PS4.

Will the game finally come out?

I can not find any news on other sites like amazon for example.




  • The description translates by Google :

    In a mysterious kingdom far beyond the terrestrial realm, armies made up of the greatest warriors in history gather in the land of the Wilderness.

    Romans, Vikings, Samurai, Aztecs, Spartans and many others responded to this call to arms. They are equipped with their sharpest weapons, have prepared their most ferocious special attacks, and are shouting war-cries to inspire terror in local games or online games of up to four players.

    Summon Temple Legends Warriors into unique arenas where the environment is a mechanic in itself that needs to be mastered, and could even turn the tide in your favor. Compete against your rivals, team up with friends in up-to-four local cooperation games or lead the fight online and climb to the top of the rankings to become the Wilderness Champion.
  • I sure hope it does come out.
  • Suggest you do not pre-order and only buy it after it is really released. If you pre-order you may not get the game nor your money back!
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