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Any chance of update ?

Anybody that still wants this game to live on please comment positively never know ?
  • I do! I feel as though something will happen very soon.
  • cant really say anything
  • Shutting down is a form of update, so I would say there will be an update.
  • This game is dead, just like the OG Club Penguin and this forum
  • holding out hope
  • World of Warriors version 11.3.2.R.€ will be available on November 30 2017 at 11:32pm. They've been working hard to get the game ready for IOS 11.

    Key updates:

    1. 17 new warriors will become available including Boron (Boris' retrded cousin), Ricky the Dicky, Bradt1977, and Moongoloid

    2. You can use 3D touch on IOS devices to look underneath the warriors clothes

    3. There is a new door (hint, initials are W.C)

    4. New powers including Fahrt Storm, Hair Styling, and Heal Cold Sores, and Missionary Thrust

    5. New Arena backgrounds like 70's psychedelic, Chuckie Cheese, and Will & Grace set

    Stay tuned for more info!
  • edited November 2017
    I staying up tonight for the update.
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