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Let's discuss WoW again! What Warriors would you pair together for great synergy?

As the title says, let's talk about this amazing game! I miss the old days where we debated our favorite strategies for our beloved Warriors.

I am on old timer here, and got back playing this game a couple of weeks ago. My warrior pool may not be as vast as most of you, but I got some worthy and capable ones. What I seem to miss is some new strategies.

What I value is not a "do it all" warrior, but a well balanced team, with each member doing his/her job. For exemple, I've always loved Hannibal, despite of some people not backing him up, and I think he's a great tank. I often use him with Wulf attacking from the shadows, and some buffing leadership, maybe Attila or Ivan.

I really want to use all Warriors I have, and I think MOST everyone has a place ( I'm looking at you, Pelion ).

So, I hope we can discuss this awesome game a little more, and help eachother along the way. :)
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