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Dupe Arena Prize Warrior

I've got a question.
What do you receive if you win an arena prize warrior which you already have? Do you receive 30 wildstones? If this is not the case I'd rather sacrifice my warrior and earn it back later because imo 30 wildstones and leveling a warrior up is better than getting probably xp potions or some trash (?). Thanks for your help
  • You get green stones. Depends on the quality of the warrior. Rare dups = 5, super rare = 15, legendary = 30, more if they are godlike.
  • @jjmcgill yeah I know that but does it also count for arena prize dupes? Because I lately got a dupe Amadok from tower season and I didn't receive any wildstones for this. I assume it is the same for the arena prize but I'm not sure. Do you know this?
  • That's right, you don't get any green stones if the arena prize is a dupe.
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