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How many of us still here?

Ok guys, lets all post a comment on this thread, I'm interested in seeing how many people are still active lol. I myself was active, just wasn't bothered to post comments, so please comment guys!
  • edited September 2017
    also quick question, like 3-4 months ago the games tower and pvp arena was updated in 1 day after the rewards were given out, why is it that recently its taking longer for pvp arena and tower taking longer to update (2-3 days). this may be a hint to maybe there are people still working, just gone lazier now. but hey its something, if its true it means there was employees working before, or maybe it was a bot and now its malfunctioning lmao
  • Not many! I log on every day for the freebies and have finally found out that the free warrior doesn't cover the 'new' enemy warriors.
    Also, will it work on Ios11? This might really be the end of the game for real!
  • Here :)
    I still participate in the arena, because i still think it is fun to level up my warriors further and collect them all.
    The devs actually listened to some of the people. I dont really know why the game died.
    We wanted a way to get guaranteed new warriors, we got it.
    We wanted new game modes, they delivered.
    Sad, that we will never finish the story though
  • @Maxmass yea the story not being finished is a bummer :/
  • @gradders well atleast this way we can know they are alive if they update the game making it compatible with ios11.
  • ouch owie my bones they hurt ow oof my bones
  • I'm still here. :)
  • Here. Just need to get Tamerlane, have everyone else.
  • I am here and still praying to get Kuro, hehe.
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