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I have a quick survey that I would like you to fill out

You may or may not remember that I started work on simulator for this game a while back. My programming skills are growing all the time, though are not yet at the level of the dev team for this game. As my program grows, it dawned on me: "This game has A LOT of warriors!" So I decided to only include 25% of all warriors in this game, namely, one with each special move. Please help me to choose the right ones to keep by filling out this survey .
  • So you are actually building a new game? I don't mind helping you although I think it's also fun that there is a wide variety of warriors. How do you have to fill this survey in, the warriors you think are really the most iconic or the warriors which you would like to keep if 75% of the warriors had to be deleted? For inferno probably Volten is the most iconic but Anil is my favourite (no double meaning) and I would choose Anil over Volten for myself. Let me know please and then I'll fill in the entire survey for you ;)
  • @UnicornFurio I plan on having expansion packs that people can download to add warriors, but seeing as I will probably be adding individual warrior graphics soon, I have to create a class extension and image for each warrior, then add it to the warrior roster, a process I do not know yet how to automate.
    Regarding 'most iconic' versus 'should keep', you bring up a good point. Seeing as peoples' opinion on 'should keep' would be more personal and opinionated, and 'most iconic' I believe is more universal (Who would say "Tempest? Oh, like that Balash guy?), go for 'most iconic'.

    TL; DR:
    All warriors eventually, made by community or me remains to be seen.

    'most iconic' preferable, though you can go 'should keep' if you feel strongly about it: we don't want just 4 pippers here.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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