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DJ Khaled


It's Kuro fan season again bois.
Go for him he gud
  • Uhhh got so many air warriors
  • I vote for a McCabe season! Or a different good earth warrior
  • @UnicornFurio earth is actually my best element.
    I already got mccabe and kuthulun. They are such beasts, but kuthulun is so fragile, that im struggling to activate her retribution sometimes even by using bombs
  • @Maxmass Don't let her be out on the field most of the time, she's good for using her SM then dipping out, due to her fragility. I'd say if you're higher up in levels, pair her up with a body guard. She hits hard, but gets hit hard aswell.
  • My warriors are around lvl 22 so some of them already have 2nd skill, some dont. My tactic with kuthulun right now is, that I put a punching bag front, and do 1 NM with him to build up mana.
    Then i roll in an earth booster let him do 1 NM and then i switch to kuthulun and let her activate 2 SM's. That pretty much ends the fight.
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