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Yo waddup Arena

Lol, I downloaded this game again a few weeks ago after I had been playing it for a pretty long time in 2015. I also played the arena and there was literally nobody. Getting to rank 1 is enough to get top 100 and even for this low amount of players, it has somehow be managed to fukc up giving out the rewards lol. Sent a ticket but it takes longer for a reply because of a high amount of tickets being sent (brilliant, when no one is playing the game). Probably no one else here is still playing Arena but I just wanted to post it here :). Thank you bye bye.
  • Arena is now dead as well.
  • edited August 2017
    Ay... such a pitty Tower and Arena dead equals in a goodbye forever.... what have they done... you need to be horribly bad to **** such a great game up like they did...
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