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Its lonely when WoW is dead

edited July 21 in Game Chat
  • I don't even play WOW anymore but I know how you feel. :/
  • I would do the tournaments, but...
    - I don't have the time for it
    - I'm too lazy
    - I'd have to spend Windstones
  • edited July 23
    I actually see that people prefer to compete in tower rather than arena.
    As far as I'm concerned, tower has the advantage of less grinding
  • Really? I grind my tower at least once a day.
  • @Snipe_Cafe So that's why they call you "The Meat Grinder"
  • That and because I make my own sausage (sorry Miss Piggy).
  • Oh, sorry, I don't eat pork.
  • Not only do I eat pork, I also pork pork (again...sorry, Miss Piggy)
  • Wow - this is still going. Well done surprised me...still not playing. The game is **** (now)
  • You used the S word. That is @Snipe_Cafe's favorite thing.
  • @bvs72 technically, you don't know if he used the S word.
  • I thought Raze was a **** enemy, wtf @benisforawesome
  • edited August 2
    yeah, i forgot about their cencorshit rules @bvs72
  • @Snipe_Cafe - maybe I did, maybe I didn't, you'll have to ask the one armed man...
  • I went to your comments under your profile. Those aren't censored. I am just smarter than a frog but not by much. I saw the S h I t in your comments.
  • I was going to have a comeback for you @RiveraL ...but then I saw you had mummra as your avatar. ..respect.
  • @Snipe_Cafe *subtle nod of the head*
  • To increase the number of people that read this forum, I will say:

    ISIS, Nuclear Weapons.

    Those keywords should increase the number of NSA and Homeland Security that visit our forum.

    I will also add:

    Climate Change.

    That will get the presidential staff monitoring the forum for fake news.
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