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Crashing and Arena Points Not Properly Awarded

Just took a few months off from the game and recently came back to playing. I have been rejoining arena fights and tower grinds to level my most warriors that are capped at level 34 to 35. Then I have been encountering so many technical difficulties that I am seriously thinking about quitting again.

First the crashing. For every 20 arena fights or so, the game crashes when loading the fight. The warriors do begin to cooldown, and sometimes the 100 points seem to have been deducted. It is quite annoying, but manageable as it is still somewhat rare. Then there is the points not being given.

This is the most problematic, and it really hinders my gaming experiences. The points are just not given from time to time. It is especially obvious when this happens since if I level up a rank and open the chest, I can see that my rank doesn't go up, but the chest is already claimed, and the points are exactly the number I had before joining the fight. This happens like every 5 fights! This is killing a lot of my 800ish point battles.

It's not like I will fail to finish in the top 999 for the arena season, but once again this game is really challenging my patience right now. Is this a common issue, and is there a fix to this?
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