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Back after 2 years and it's all dead?

edited June 2017 in Game Chat
Hey anybody there? I was a player 2 years ago. I played instensively for 3-4 months I think, then at the end of July 2015 I went to the seaside for summer vacations and stopped playing. I even deleted the app and was very happy with the decision. So many hours spent on the game and a lot of money. Then a couple of days ago I just thought about wow and got my app back but guys what a desolation. What happened? In the arena i think there are 5 people playing, here no one writes anymore.

This was such a nice funny place. I know everything must come to an end but it's just a little sad to see this is not what it used to be anymore.

I have been playing again for a couple of days now and still got a little bit of chills when pulling some new warriors from the temple, when winning at the arena, or when losing. It's still a cool game but I understand why people just got annoyed by it. Yet this forum was such a nice happy place to come I would have liked to find it just how it was back then. A little bit sad. Cheers guys, kavana
  • I'm still here. You may not know me but there are a few more people still here as well. As I read, MC is working really hard on this game to improve on it. So until then, everyone is gonna have to be patient about them.
  • Thanks @Golnaz_Electric but has anything happened in particular? It just seems strange that this forum is not active anymore at all
  • @kavana Not anything important. Just the main thing is that many people have been trashing this forum and all the moderators may be dead.
  • Hey @souleader127 I'm good, just got back to the game to find out no one's playing anymore lol
  • I know right. This place used to be so fun and people always were active but now it's a wasteland. I wish it was back to the way it was :(
  • Considering they killed the game, the forum was obviously next.
  • edited June 2017
    Hey @Snipe_Cafe what do you mean by 'they killed the game'? I remember there were a lot of problems back then. the game totally got me **** off most of the times and playing again now is bringing back some bad memories (I got the warrior from the arena and he's 17/22 when my warriors are lv 32... like why??) I just would like to know if they killed it by doing anything in particular or not doing anything in particular?
  • They just made poor decisions. Back in the day, they used the tower for contests and it was awesome. Then they switched to the arena and it became a huge grind. And let's not even talk about the western door.
  • I wish the tower still had warriors instead of minions
  • Yeah I was already playing in the arena period, I think my last prize warrior was the amazing Zenobia and then I stopped playing. And in the tower there were minions already. I rememebr the game was quite problematic also back then, there were many people including me complaining about a lot of things. And I can see those things have never been solved like the process to give a warrior the medallions before a fight, or how silly the arena system is. It's a shame cos I still think the game is potentially awesome
  • Yes, all dead.
  • Wow, you came back after a year just to say that.
  • @jacku You've gotta have guts to take the time to say that.
  • @Golnaz_Electric Just coming here to make sure it's all dead...

  • Hey , I think the game misses the spirit again , your 100% right especially without updates . Honestly , I left it for 2 years and returned before nearly a month , I even thought that buying some stones to refresh my account would be a good idea , do you agree since its all dead !!
  • im still here even though my mind tells me not to
  • Boris or Hector?
  • Boris. ..every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  • It's not entirely dead
  • edited July 2017
    @pseftikos I came back here to say hello after 2 years but after I saw this question, I decided not to do that either...
  • I know. ..because it's obviously boris.
  • Boror or Hectis?
  • Shall I laugh? Somebody tell me
  • I'm beating a dead horse
  • Notable members of the forum are returning, the so called "Horse" is slowly regaining livelihood. However it will never be as populated as it previously was, I may not play the game anymore, but this forum had been a good way to kill time and I can recollect some good memories from the time I've spent here. It's disheartening seeing this forum as barren...
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