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Coolest Combos

So guys, seeing the forum going stale, i wanted to spice things up a little. Lets make things interesting during these last days, so screen shot or just comment the best combo's you managed to do. Mine was 6 mana, 35% physical leadership on Ali, with 2, 35% berserker charms and an armour break on the opponent with Kanar, it killed the enemy in 1 devastating hit.

So feel free to comment, it would be cool to hear yours too!
  • I get rodrigo to do two bombards then put atilla in so the enemy gets hit with bombs then goes for a normal strike then gets destroyed
  • Ah that's a cool combo you got there. Would surely obliterate the opposition. Thanks for your contribution!
  • Thanks @ProphetNex but another good one is this. Arpád as leader then amadok then Kido. Because Arpád uses shock storm and any attakers lose health but one problem is that arpád doesn't recover lost health when he uses shock storm so then I use amadok to heal arpád and kido gets to rip the team apart with his stealth strike. Plus arpáds leader skill is plus 10% physical DMG to all warriors.
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