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Greetings.Is the forum dead?Well,not yet.About to.
Do you guys want new warriors to be played?Post here.Just for fun


e.g.:lvl34 Wei Yishao The greeny bat warrior air
SM:3pip Soul Steal
Leader:+10%physical attack
  • Lvl. 34 Samuel The American Patriot (1775 A.D.) Weapon: Hunter Sword
    Rank: Super Rare
    Element: Water
    Set: Grunts
    HP: 1009
    NM: Physical: 348
    Elemental: 174
    SM: 4pip Twister
    Armor: Medium
    Leader: +25% Healing Effect
    Skill: Guard (Best Path: Mana Spring, Healing Strike)
  • Lvl 34 WOW player
    Rank: nearly extinct
    Element: alcohol
    SM: Denial
    HP: 1
    Skill: cooking meth
  • Lvl 34 The Pooper

    Rank: why yes, my poop is quite rank

    Element: sometimes solid, sometimes liquid. ..most of the time somewhere in between

    SM: The yoyo turd

    Health: usually doesn't look too healthy

    Skill: able to clear a room in under 20 seconds

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