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No new comments, no new discussion.

I wonder how many users still visit this forum just to read comments like me.

No need to comment in here. I'll just see post views.
  • I plan to post a discussion soon, but it's a surprise on what it is.
  • i mean what is there to discuss other than the fact the game is dying lmfao
  • I need Vodka
  • i check this sub every day XD
  • wow, so i just got my 3rd sword today, and pulled otto, a **** warrior. now u may say how hes a tank, idc hes still ****. i only have 3 legends and a couple of super rares i pull a fricken rare. it happens so i got over it, the same day couple of hours later, i did a DoE pull and guess who i got.... **** otto. now this is just **** take, like WTF. this game is already dying and the game still **** people over. i really cant take it anymore the game has become repetitive, no new content, and i think ima just again quit lol but i wanna see this game suffer and die in front of my eyes so i think ima stay abit longer to be able to see that. for real tho i only have 47 warriors in total, why im i getting a dupe, and this is not even a dupe of any other warrior i got before, its the exact warrior i got 3 hrs ago, whats the chances of that. im just **** rn.
  • @ProphetNex that's just too funny from another aspect but yeah **** happens
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