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CHO Error

Hi Guys...

I'm here to understand what's happening here.

Today I was evolving Klor to divine doing the needed sacrifice (gutrot, flak and Aka).

I also won the Tower Price raking back the sacked Aka. You know that.. I'm romantic.. ahahha...

So in the meanwhile I was checking the new klor stats I had an error.. A


I opened a ticket.. Jasmine tryed to help me telling me that I had blocked my account but the game still dont run.

So.. This is a big issue considering that ust today I did buy 50 redstones...

So.. Common guys!!!


Someone can explain me what happened? Had someone similar experience???
  • What made it compelling to you to evolve Klor? Jasmine appears to be the only person manning the ship.
  • Is Jasmine a bot ?
  • Honestly I dont think Jasmine is a robot. She told me that removed the block I had to my account. No more words about that. I just can understand what's the **** prob.

    However if she is a robot? this could be a real thing, considering waht she said and that things still dont work.

    I already sent another complaint message, the third one, to the support service.

    I'm still out of games, let me say I still cant play. Cant log in, cant open my WoW App.

    Oh guys.. the ship's sinking.

    I played a lot with WoW, every day access... and now? The end is coming.

    Klor is a strange beast but anyway a truly beast.
    No elemental sufference, strong lifespann, good armor class,
    @ lvl 45 - 2800+ lifespann and something like 700 attack. In the arena playing with him I dont loose 1 match with him.. Maybe 1 lose every 100 played and always when the the prize points are over 750 each game. You have to put him as third one in the team ok... But he can defeat 3 lvl 43 playing him alone, without use mana potions or red potions.

  • Jazmine (Mind Candy)
    Mar 1, 18:11 WET


    Thanks for getting in touch with us and supporting World of Warriors.

    I've had a look into this and can see your account was unfortunately automatically blocked due to strange activity on your account.

    If you download the game from any other source other than the Play Store or App Store, you may unknowingly also install modifications to the game. There's also certain exploits that could be used to modify the game which may have been an issue.

    If strange activity has been noticed, your account may be automatically blocked. We may be happy to reconsider this block in certain situations. Otherwise, you're welcome to start again with a new installation from the Play Store / App Store. If you had made any in-app purchases, please provide your new user ID and your receipts so that we can replace them to your new game.

    We do hope you'll replay the game, and please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help you.

    Best regards,
  • So, I downloaded from Play Store WoW once again.

    I logged in with facebook to save and charge my progress and I had same errore than before...

    I'm starting think I loose everything...

    More than 3 years of game play, more than 3000 euro paid, a 140 element warriors list... 80% above lvl 34...

    4 Divine Warriors... (Leonidas lvl48, Amanar lvl48, Ardo . 47, Klor 45)

    Please give me back my damned warriors!!!!
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    I'm sorry to hear that bro, that sucks bad. I know they could roll back your data meaning you could get your progress back, for example to the day before you lost your progress, if Jazmine wanted to ofc.
  • Jazmine's reply is the automatic one when a CH0 occurs. That way they don't have to investigate cheaters who typically give up. Reply back that you did nothing wrong and would like the case investigated.
  • Definitely keep the conversation going. You have to get back their pre-scripted responses and start talking to a real person.
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    edit see the next one message
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    I also thought so. And I'll do it.

    I have been contacted by Gonzalo Perez also. He writing that a child put me in COURTESY COPY in his request of refunding him red stones about a pull to RED DOOR that not returned warriors.

    Already mentioned that in the email I'm exchanging with Jazmine.

    Where I showed fatcs to her.

    I will share with you all guys, my emails. Becouse I'm just a SCAM VICTIM.
    And I need your help to restore my WoW App. I'm not playing anymore, DAY FIFTH!!!

    AND HONESTLY I'M NOT A CHEATER just a real GAME SUPPORTER 4 years old.
    But let's start....

    This is my last email to SUPPORT SERVICE
    So goodmorning Jazmine, I have been contacted also from Pedro Gomez that informed me that I have been put in CC from a cheater and I think this is related to my account blocked.

    This is what I wrote to Perez

    "Good morning Mr.Perez,

    So.. If I'm understanding this well, I have been put in CC from this guy in some TICKET HE OPENED to ASK back RED STONES?

    I NEVER TALKED, WROTE OR MET him. I've never read his name before than now.

    CHOCHOMILO!!?!?! Please kill him!

    Nowadays I had a lot of PROBLEM with my account, I LOST MY ACCOUNT of WOW.

    Please pay attention to that.. I LOST MY ACCOUNT of WOW
    And I think this is related to this event. Are we kidding?

    THIS IS A SCAM AND I 'AM A VICTIM!! DAMNED CHEATERS. I never did wrong, never been a chetears.
    I'm a serious people and JUST I'M having a lot of problems. And I think things are related.


    PLEASE HELP ME. But what means if someone put my email in Courtesy Copy in his request I will be blocked? And I have to lose all my progress in more than 3 years as old gamer?
    Please tell me this is a candid camera.

    If you have to talk with me please ask I'll share my phone number. Please help me to come out from this DAMNED SCAM.

    This is the fourth day I cant /DONT play to WoW. Please.

    Help me to take back my game. I'm a clean person, never cheated in my life. And PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS CASE.
    I dont know this crazy, insane and not serious person."

    Please Jasmine, please help me, I'm not a cheater!!! I never been a cheater.

    I have been a supporter of WoW starting from Mind Candy Property in the past years up to there with Fracture,,,, I'm also VIP WoW user (7 lvl or 8 I dont recall that) but this dont tell the truth about me about how many euro I spent for WoW becouse I started 3 or 4 years ago play WoW and the recording of spent was still not activated I think.

    Last 20 Euro spent just 6 days ago, 5 minute before I lost EVERYTHING.

    Now after years of game play and supporting it, if a damned cheater put my email in CC I have to lose everything?
    But please be serious and help me.

    Tell me what I have to do in order to have back my PROGRESS.
    PLEASE JAZMINE... I'm a serious man.
    I'm registered as KAIOKEN RAOH in WoW and Kaiooken in the Forum of WoW.


    Hope to see you back as soon as possible.

    Thank you all guys.
    Be well.


    Please help me to understand that

    You are registered as a CC on this support request (13854). Reply to this email to add a comment to the request.

    Gonzalo Pe
    Gonzalo Perez
    Mar 1, 21:13 WET

    I'm still waiting for your answer
    ---------- Mensaje reenviado ----------
    De: "Mind Candy"
    Fecha: 28/02/2017 18:55
    Asunto: [Request received] Asistencia de World of Warriors (Ticket #13857)
    Para: "Gonzalo Perez"

    Gonzalo Perez
    Mar 1, 16:48 WET

    I hope you give me back my 10 crystals
    ---------- Mensaje reenviado ----------
    De: "Gonzalo Perez"
    Fecha: 28/02/2017 18:44
    Asunto: Re: [Request received] Asistencia de World of Warriors (Ticket #13854)
    Para: "Mind Candy"

    I opened the door of the epics but they did not give me any warrior and I did not return my crystals

    El 28/02/2017 18:42, "Mind Candy" escribió:

    Gonzalo Pe
    Gonzalo Perez
    Feb 28, 22:01 WET

    I opened the door of the epics but they did not give me any warrior and I did not return my crystals

    El 28/02/2017 18:42, "Mind Candy" escribió:

    Gonzalo Pe
    Gonzalo Perez
    Feb 28, 21:41 WET

    I opened the door of the epics but they did not give me any warrior and I did not return my crystals
    Username: Chocomilo
    User ID: ac743171-df4f-4870-b34a-dc81eb348b6b
    Device ID: 50a8477745956f5ff5f10c2e4d818c95
    Facebook ID: 156716094842406
    Player Progress: M6 F-1 S5
    Device ID: 50a8477745956f5ff5f10c2e4d818c95
    Device Model: samsung SM-T560
    Device OS: Android OS 4.4.4 / API-19 (KTU84P/T560XXU0APK4)
  • Still not news here guys...

    That's dont look good... at all.

  • edited March 2017
    It's ridicolous..

    They still dont answered me.

  • Bro i think no one is moderating the game. No one is looking after the game, or its emails. I bet mind candy's office is empty, with just a server machine running by itself, running the serves so we can play. So basically i don't think they can help you out anymore. But don't try stop sending emails, you might be lucky that one day a worker will walk into the office and reply to some emails. I feel for you man, it would **** if you put alot of money and alot of play time. Don't lose hope, you never know you might get lucky.
  • It's not possibile I have to drop here... I cant!!

    This is my last email I sent them.


    PLEASE take in account that this one is an official request, I already sent to my POLIZIA DI STATO a real complaint I did this morning (to the Italian Police, "POLIZIA DI STATO", Post Police Department). Detail attached.

    Please, would you TELL ME once again, IN A EASY WAY, BECOUSE I HAD MY ACCOUNT BLOCKED.

    I never did anything wrong. If needed I'll instruct my lawyer. For the moment I just did an official complaint chez my local Post Police (POLIZIA DI STATO).

    I would you infrom that I'll put all this shameful situation on THE WORLD OF WARRIORS FORUM within tonight.

    PLease make possible I can have back my GAME and MY ACCOUNT, so my progress.

    If there is the case please i'm available, call me @ XXXXXXXXX



    They had the email.
    [Request received] CH0 errore (Ticket #13923)
  • The police , really ?
  • I've had the CH0 error over 6 times now, the first two times I had to give up my account and start fresh, but the last 4 times have been on the same account, and they've been removed.

    Idk if it's something to do with my phone or what.
    Either way, I hope you get the error fixed.

  • Jazmine (Mind Candy)
    Mar 7, 18:03 WET


    Thank you for your email.

    We are unable to restore your previous account progress. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further help.

    Best regards,
    World of Warriors Support

    Mar 7, 10:29 WET

    Hello Jazmine,

    so, If I make a new account can you make possible give me back my OLD progress in the new account?

    Please answer me about that and I will stop sending you tickets. Regards

    Jazmine (Mind Candy)
    Mar 6, 18:08 WET

    Hello Gennaro,

    Thank you for your email.

    You will need to make another account. We are not able to unblock you account, as you tried to connect your Facebook account to the new account. The game doesn't allow you to do that, which is why the CHO error occurred and will keep occurring. This is why you need to start a new game. If you continue to try and use the Facebook account, you account will continue to get CHI errors. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We also ask that you refrain from sending multiple emails regarding the same subject. Anything sent multiple times will be marked here on out as spam and will be handled accordingly.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further help.

    Best regards,
    World of Warriors Support
  • So guys... ..this is the end...

    More than 3 years of gameplay, more than 3000 euro spent...

    Everything gone... once and for all...

    It's a grat shame that has happened to me.

    I have to quit the game it's a non sense try to start from beginning as a noob knowing how many effort I need to growe up to where I had already obtained.

    Especially knowing that all can go lost again...

  • I spent £15, 2 months ago on this game. I regret it so much. You spent over 3000 euros. Can't imagine how you feel. Really is a kick in the teeth :(
  • Bro... my pain is not even for the 3000 euros spent...

    The truly pain is my big big big mountain of hours spent on this game.

    I really enjoyed it.

    And now... there is no more... no more..

    My world of warriors.. my guys... They are gone...

    It's not so easy to explain... I dont know if you can see my deep pain....
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    3000 euro spent? What a loser...Seriously man - get a life, get a girlfriend..
  • Maybe he spent 3000 euro trying to get Chelsea. I am the one she wants.
  • For starters and please correct me if I'm wrong, but that much time played in conjunction with your purchases would easily put your VIP high enough to have the reduced wildstone pull from the red door - how is it that it's still costing you 10 per pull?

    Next, how could anyone report you for wanting wildstones back? As far as I know, those can't be traded. That makes no sense. Regardless, they did state in certain situations they'll return your account - if it means as much as you're expressing there's really nothing to lose, right?

    If indeed you made the purchases and god knows the hassle it would be, get your receipts and start fresh. Lost progress surely hurts, but in the games current state...I'm not sure you'd get much else.

    Personally I'd just be tickled to have a scrooge mcduck bank vault full of wildstones to pull back to back to back yellow turban wearing $&@&$>£#+¥. Tickled.

  • And who's chelsea? She fine?
  • Lesley strikes again.
  • edited June 2017
    "3000 euro spent? What a loser...Seriously man - get a life, get a girlfriend.."

    But.. WTF?
    You know what I say?

    Ahahahah... Simply an arrogant **** wA_Anker...

    I hope you are already dead. Seriously.. So my answer is no longer needed ...


    @ still alive people
    I have two children each one by different beautiful lady... I have a life and a lot of love...
    Also some $ to waste in game..

    @ dead people - RIP Looser ****

  • Still there to check once again if the game is dead... And yes... IT's dead... That's make me sad...
  • Hey @Kaioooken , it's spelled loser. Looser is something that is one of yo mama's best traits.
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