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Who to take over level 10

I am seriously struggling to come up with Gold ingots. I have 57 warriors all but these guys are at level 23.

Who (in order) should I bring up. I am attempting to bring them all up.
Malik, LeRoc, Osgood, Titu, Zazan, Hannibal and Kendrix.

  • If your low on gold why would you waste that gold on Malik Osgood etc.......
    If you really want to bring them up now then it doesn't really matter which order
  • I would level them up at that order
    Hannibal : he is a good tank if with shell my 2nd best tank aftr Kofi
    Le Roc : very good hard hitter i consider him a good glass canon
    Zazan : for me any phantom shield is a win it's about strategy not about warrior
    Osgood : with shell-autopotion after 34 i guess he will show some powers with recharge
    Malik : I have a dream to find something good about him may be after lvl 34
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    What are you thinking for skill paths?
  • 1. Hannibal. Shell-Antidote.
    2. Le Roc. Shell-Antidote.
    3. Titu. Shell-Autopotion.
    4. Zazan. Shell-Antidote.
    5. Kendrix. Shell-Autopotion.
    6. Osgood. Guard-Mana Spring.
    7. Malik. Shell-Autopotion.
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    As @Kemical said but those can be good

    Titu : would work with Guard mana too (I would prefer Autopotion more)
    Zazan : I went Guard mana just to jump in and out but shell-antidote is sure a big win as by this you complete his weakness point which are Poison and element power
    Osgood : can be shell-autopotion too

  • I would say that Kemical's suggestions pretty good, but I would prolly make a few tweaks. If you already have Kofi, then I would give Hannibal Shell-Autopotion, to have a little more variety, since Kofi already has Shell-Antidote.

    Osgood I'd probably Shell him, I honestly don't think Guard-Mana Spring would work that well, but I've never tried that skill path so I can't say. But I personally would Shell-Antidote/AutoPotion.

    If you want a former pro's look at it, here's the link to his amazing discussion.
  • Thank you all!
  • @Kemical I prefer leroc Crit/Retri so he can be a one shot kill.
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