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Soul steal skill paths

edited February 2017 in Tactics & Strategies
I'd like to hear from the experience of people who gave otto/ Brutus at high level with guard/ MANA spring or CRIt/ ret. I had both Otto shell, and Brutus shell antidote. I sacrificed both. Brutus was OK, but a little boring to play and normal attack was a bummer. I am wanting to hear from people who have these characters at high level... 23 and up, and how they like them with mentioned skill paths, or if they didn't like them and sacrificed them with the above skill paths. Thanks for all input!!
  • Otto Shell-autopotion
    Brutus shell-antidote or autopotion both are good
  • I've heard that Otto shell autopotion is pretty much unbeatable. I'd go with that for him. Not so sure about Brutus.
  • Otto Shell-Autopotion. Best path for him. He's basically invincible.

    Brutus deserves Crit-Ret. It's hilariously fun.

    Finally, if you have Jacko, he deserves Guard-SS. It's perfect for his playstyle.
  • Thanks for the replies!!! I went CRIt with Brutus and am looking forward to getting ret on him!
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