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Summon a powerful warrior (3-4 pip guaranteed)

So guys, post whatever you get from this weekend! I have 33 wildstones, so i can open 3 doors, will tell you guys what i get. It better be good since i only have 32 warriors. Good luck to you all, get them non dupe awesome warriors!
  • My first pull is Flavia. Im happy with her, since i only have 4 earth warriors, with her, now 5. Remember guys to space out your pulls, dont spam the DoE. I learnt it the hard way, before when it was 3-4 pip warriors guaranteed, i spammed the door and got a new warrior, then the next was the warrior i just got.
  • So i did two more pulls between my last post and now, i got Furio and Naro. I don't know how to feel about these, there are warriors out there that are better but atleast Naro has a good leadership ability, and Furio i can combo with Etherled so he doesn't do his sm at times and Flavia has a cool sm but its wasted when the AI does a sm. I feel like all the warriors i got are situational and cant be used all the time compared to warriors like Kasim, where i can almost use him anywhere situation. Overall im happy, atleast there was no dupes, if i got one dupe from it, i would have deleted the game lol.
  • One dupe and the game is deleted? Wow, low tolerance for patience...

    Flavia—use her when the AI has no mana. They'll be forced to strike her since they're too stupid to save up mana. Give her Critical Hit—Retribution.

    Naro—Give him Shell-Antidote or Guard-Soul Spirit. Good if you slap a protection charm on him. Fragile otherwise.

    Furio—Another good warrior. Give him Critical Hit—Retribution. Slap a crossfire with him in the lead position to whittle away at enemies. If you do a Team Strike at 1 HP it doesn't harm your team.

    Also, warriors you receive at the epic door aren't based on time. It's just "luck of the draw".
  • I decided to pull one so why not. I got.... (literally doing the pull now)... Maximus! Don't have him and he's a legendary, which makes me happy. :)
  • @Golnaz_Electric woah awesome dude. Maximus looks badass im sure hes strong too. Nice pull :)
  • @Kemical i would have deleted it because i had 32 warrior (before i did any pulls) and if i got a dupe when there was still +100 warriors left to collect, id be angry. That would be about 1/3 of a chance to a dupe. Anyway maybe i need an excuse to delete this game just because its addicting and always has a way to redownload it self back on my phone :trollface:
  • I had 1 wildstone left to get to open another door and i just got 1 wildstone from daily reward, so i headed over to the DoE and got Makito, same SM as Flavia, but stats are much better. I also opened a bunch of Honor Doors about 50. Costs me 250 honor stones and got brutus, ram, blaine, titu, clovis and 47 green gems plus alot of xp.
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