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Arena Tips

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Hey, i'm new to the forums. I have been playing the game for awhile now, and never tried to achieve rank 1, do you guys have any tips/tricks on the best way to get from rank 15 to 1. For example, i have a way to easily win, by using Anchaly's leadership skill, +25% physical damage, with Isak, adding berserker talismans and power tokens, increasing the damage of the 4 pip poison hive, incredibly. My Anchaly and Isak is lvl 11 and i can defeat lvl 15s easily! Plus if i boosted the damage, ****, its just so powerful. So it would be nice if i could know other tips/tricks so i can achieve rank1 because i really want that Alboin! Thanks for your time.
  • I just use the same characters over and over again, and keep refilling my pvp stamina with wildstones.
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    How many warriors do you have? The more warriors you have will definitely help you out in getting to rank 1. Warriors that hit every member of the opposing team are some of the best warriors in the arena, because warriors off-screen don't regain health after they've been hit. One combo that I used frequently was an elemental booster, plus any AOE warrior of the same element. The third warrior doesn't matter as much, but should be fairly durable. For example, Lance-Kwan-Leon. You probably don't want to take an all water team because if they have a high elemental air warrior, you're done for. So let Lance tank and get full mana, and then have Kwan boost, and spam Leon's SM. This usually takes the opponent's health down by fairly large amounts.
    Your Anchaly-Isak team is good, keep that one. I used to use a fairly similar team, but instead of Anchaly I used Ivan, cause I didn't have Anchaly. Isak is so OP though.

    One team that used to be nearly unbeatable was Tiberius(or any other warrior with a high leadership skill)-Kofi(or good tank)-Kuro. Load up Kuro with berserkers, and watch him one shot nearly any warrior. This team is crazy strong. \

    These are the main strategies I know, but I'm sure other forumers know some good strategies too.
    Hope these help!
  • @Caeso Thanks for the reply. I plan on doing the same thing, using Anchaly and Isak and third warrior being anyone i havent used yet to save some pvp stamina.
  • @TendoJoshua Thanks for the reply! I actually didn't know warriors off screen didn't gain hp back, so all AOE warriors with boosters are really good from what i can tell. I prt sc my warriors, hopefully you can see them. In total I have 31 warriors. . . . I don't know how to post pictures directly, it would be great if someone could tell me how to do so. As you hopefully can see from the scrn shots i have 2 boosters, fire (Mohinder) and air (Crixus) i can use Mohinder with Boris to do what you told me. and Crixus with Sakuma or Erika, best with Erika. Thanks for the tips again, really helpful.
  • Yeah, you definitely want to use Crixius with Erika. Sakuma is not a strong elemental warrior, so it would be best to use him with a good physical leader. Mohinder will work great with Boris, so that's two great teams right there. As for the rest of your warriors, you can probably figure out decent teams. One fairly decent way of picking teams is having warriors from all 3 different elements, so you have variety, and having an AOE, a warrior with a single SM, and a support warrior,(such as Amadok or Zazan) or instead of a support warrior, a poison warrior. Just make sure if you have a fragile warrior in your team, such as Volten, you have two other reliable warriors to help back him up. You have a really good squad of warriors though, considering the level that you are at, and honestly with the low amount of people playing these days, you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting Albion.

    One more thing: Having a good defensive team can be very important too. You absolutely must have an AOE in your defense team. Erika is a good option. I'm not sure you would want to use a booster in your team though, because the AI pretty dumb when it comes to strategy.

    This won't work very well until you get high level warriors, but the Henchmen strategy is a really good defense. You choose one strong reliable AOE warrior. Then you choose two other very low level warriors.(It doesn't really matter what warriors they are) The low level warriors will bring down the your level average, which will in turn will match your defense team up with lower level opponents. This also works with attacking too. Your AOE warrior will pretty much destroy the opponent, as they will have lower level warriors with lower health, and without being able to regain health, this strategy is absolutely devastating. I used this strategy for a long time, and I nearly never got beaten. But as I was saying, this strategy prolly won't work for you since you don't have any low level warriors and you don't have any super high level warriors yet. But it's a good strategy to keep in mind for defense, as well as attacking.

    Anyway, good luck getting Albion!
  • My sole arena strategy is berserk-ed ISAK, one AOE in the middle and protected physical damage booster as leader. My Isak is level 44 and my arena level setup is usually 34(leader)-44-44. I am using my level 34 warriors(equipped with protection talismans) to boost Isak poison hive.

    I have a simple rule how to use the boost potions. If the fight cost 600 below, I wont use boost potion on Isak poison hive because i am thinking i have fair match up with lower point match.

    Based on your squad, I can create this pairing.

    AOE-booster team

    Defensive hence Isak (-30% water damage leader). I usually use double poison hive.

    Rainbow Hence Isak, use double poison hive or boosted poison hive.
    Zazan(L)-Yada-Isak -->this one is not a rainbow hehe

    Anchaly(L)-Abu-Isak -->reuse Anchaly & Isak for Abu usage in arena

    Meat calculation:
    5 * (team with Isak less one) + 5 (Anchaly reuse)
    5 * (12-1) + 5
    5 * 11 + 5
    55 + 5
    60 <-- use one wildstone to refill meat and use Anchaly-TenBears-Isak for your extra 40 meat.
  • I completely disagree with @cajn - you have enough great teams that you can totally conserve meat and make great team synergies that don't require re-use of meat w/ the same characters. i'll post my recommended team setup for you in a minute.
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    with the above setup, you only need one team that is re-using characters. This way you go through your entire roster without needing meat (except cycling to find a good match). if you have questions on how to play any of these teams, let me know. but they are all pretty strong teams that shouldn't need boosts.

    in case you can't view the image above. the teams are:
    Kanar-sakuma-jin (use kanar as leader for +10% physical, contrary to image)
    Ethelred-Helios-Ten Bears
    Isak-Volten-Crappy 1 pip water meat shield, whose name i forget
    Kringle (he's your last unused character - i recommend using zazan again w/ a random hench - if you don't have an AOE booster, a phantom shield works just as well w/ any AOE warrior). I'd pick a meat shield hench probably yada (that's his name) again.
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    The main combo I use is TAB:
    Tiberius (Max Level) + Amanar (Max Level) + Any Bodyguard (Max Level)
    This is good if you want to play fast and have many bodyguards to spare.

    The alternate combo I use is WAK:
    Any Wall eg. Kofi, Dao, Hannibal, Lance (Mid Level) + Anyone (Low Level) + Kuro (Max Level)
    The idea is Kuro is the Powerful One-Shot-One-Kill Cannon on top of the Wall. If your enemy cannot breach or by-pass over the wall to destroy the cannon within 3 turns, they will be in-turn destroyed by the cannon's stealth strike.

    And of course, only pick fights that you can win and avoid those that are too risky.
  • @TendoJoshua I'll keep that in mind and thanks!
  • @cajn Thanks for your contribution, really helpful!
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    @apollos712 Awesome, thanks for going through the time and effort to give recommend setups, im sure ill get that alboin with all this help :smile:
  • @casualplayer Yeah, i try to avoid risky matches, dont wanna be wasting my precious stamina! Also Kuro can be a big threat to the enemy, i really want him in my squad. Thank you for your contribution!
  • @ProphetNex Concerning the photos: Click the little photo icon when you post. Then, post the direct link, so the photos appear like so:


    You can get the direct link by right clicking the image and hitting "copy image address".

  • @Kemical Thanks for the help, hopefully it works. Also an update on my progress I'm rank 8! image
  • @Kemical Yay It worked! Thanks again!
  • Concerning Arena tips, I would take a small group of warriors to level 34 so you will get more points, and then you can level the rest of your heroes up. You'll get experience more quickly as well. I'd hold off pulling from the door and instead use up to 8 wildstones to get the arena prize.

    Here's who I'd level up from each element:

    Kanar (give him Retribution)
    Erika (either path is fine)
    Helios/Ten Bears (give Ten Bears Soul Spirit)

    You have a very strong air team. It's a very hard decision, but I think I'd personally take Kanar (armor break is the best SM (special move) in the game), Erika (you need an elemental air warrior, and she's one of the best), and Helios (his team strike, while damaging to your own team, completely obliterates anyone on the enemy team, and he has one of the best NMs (normal move—the sword game) in the game).

    Kringle (give him either Critical Hit path)

    Once again, you have a good water team. I chose one physical warrior (Mungo), one elemental warrior (Kringle), and one all-rounder (Orlander). You could also substitute Kringle for Zengis, but I wouldn't recommend it. AOE is king both in and out of the Arena.

    Boris (either Critical Hit path works)
    Mohinder (either path works)
    Volten (give him Antidote)

    Your fire team is the strongest of them all. You're going to want an AOE (Boris), and Anchaly is one of the stronger heroes with the +25% physical attack leader skill. You will always want to put Anchaly in the leader slot and put a protection token on him. Mohinder is a nice booster to pair up with Boris, and Volten is one of my favorite Super Rare heroes because of his awesome SM and his good NM.

    Zuu (give him Guard-Soul Spirit)
    Amadok (give him the same path as Zuu)
    Gunnar (give him Critical Hit-Retribution)

    Your earth team is very weak, but these heroes are all pretty good. If you get any other boulder basher besides Osgood, Zuu should be dumped. Gunnar and Amadok are in a class of their own though.

    I hope this guide helps you in your journey through the wildlands!

  • @ProphetNex Always happy to help!
  • Oh, yes—there are a couple of helpful links that you may want to check out. Here they are:

    The Arena Guide, by @Axiom

    The Grand Encyclopedia, by @jacku
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    @Kemical I was thinking of doing the same, but isn't there any downside of lvling a group of warriors and leaving the rest at low lvl, for example wouldn't portal be harder? I don't know if there is another other downside, if there is it would be great if u could tell me, so i can weigh both sides to see which option is better. Thanks.
  • @ProphetNex The only real downside of training up a small group is there's no real diversity in warriors until they're all up. If you're a decent player Portal and Tower shouldn't be a problem. I did it (when both the game and I were young, LOL) with even less heroes than I recommended to you and I found it fairly easy. Just be sure to hit up the XP Portal every Sunday and progress in the map as well—that's how you level up quickly.
  • @apollos712 The main goal is to get Alboin, so whether he follow your advice or mine, it doesn't matter. I totally disagree with your recommendation too. With all level 11 setup you'll usually face level 15-16 or higher level team. It is only in the middle ranks (rank8-12) where you'll see fair matchup without cycling. So ending up consuming your meats.

    @ProphetNex I saw you are one wildstone less from your previous snapshot (24ws to 23ws). Don't worry, 4-5ws to get Albion is better than using your ws to pull in DoE. See you at rank 1 brother! :)
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    @Kemical Ok thanks for telling me. I'll farm some xp potions before i lvl them up.
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    @cajn yea thats what i was thinking, 8 wildstones pay for your refills anyway with maybe a few wildstones leftover, plus alboin for free. I could do @Kemical way but i wont be able to defeat the 600 points enemies because they are usually lvl 13-14 and u cant beat them with lvl 11warriors unless you use talismans or boosts which i don't want to constantly use, so im limited to vs players that have warriors lower than me or same lvl which means victories are 400 points which is slow, but i have more stamina left over since im not using the same warriors over and over again. @Kemical way is better since your reward is bigger (not having to use wildstones for refill) but more grinding has to be done, which i dont like doing, it gets boring and time consuming, but when i have time i try to do it here and there to save 1-2 wildstones in the end. Progress Update below.image
  • @ProphetNex learn how to


  • @cajn whats time travel?
  • Progress Update: image
  • edited February 2017
    Time travel is something that I would say is risky to use, or at least it was, I did it one time by accident, and I got an error Cho. But if you really want to know, it's where you fast forward the time on your device, and it makes the game think it's a later time than it really is, and since it thinks that minutes, or maybe hours have gone by, it gives you your jugs and meat for that time that you "travelled". It would seem that they would have found a way for that to not work, but honestly I don't know if it works or not anymore, since I hardly play the game, and I don't time travel. That one time when I did by accident was about a year and a half ago. So, I would say, use time travel at your own risk. The worst case scenario is, you time travel, receive an error Cho, and have to send an e-mail waiting for a response from the support team, and time to play the game is lost until they can fix your account.
  • @TendoJoshua Ohh yea I did it once too, but it only basically restores meat now, which can only be used in map story. Not tower, PVP or portal. When you go PVP, tower or portal it says please set your device to the correct date and time, so it wont let you play. After that I never "time travelled" again because it's not that useful, not worth the CHO.
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