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Old days in Forum

edited January 2017 in General Chat
Well I rememebr before it was like there are about 5 discussions per hour so every time I log in to forum I see like 5-8 new Discussions .. may be you post something in morning of day to find it in 3rd or 4th page by the end of day and all of them were different some about Game strategies some about specific warriors some for new warriors and some for fun

Now I barely see anyone post any thing It's bad to post something 1 week ago and come to still find it in first page
I hate to say it but this game was a reason for me to come and enjoy the forum before .. it was really my first to be so active on forums

I have just figured out I spent a lot of time on this thing : 211 Discussions and 8600 comments

Kinda miss old days :sad:
it seems End is sooooo Near as many say but I'm gonna stay and watch it

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