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Game no longer in app store

My game was not connecting to the internet anymore so I thought to jus delete it and re download it again. Now it's gone from the App Store. Any reason y this would happen? Plz help
  • Two possibilities:
    1) The end is very near.
    2) A big update is coming out today.
    I think we know which one is most probable.
  • Yeah I just tried to play both the arena and the tower, but both times my device just froze up and the app crashed. But it's true, you can't download the app from the app store anymore. Things are not looking good for this game.
  • I can still play but I did notice that you can no longer make purchases. My best guess is that it will be shut down in 3 months to try to avoid refunds of any purchases already made.
  • Whuh?


  • Boris or Hector or Shia Leboeuf?
  • There making the sequel, War of Worldliers
  • Whewwww, I was just about to sink 4 billion dollars into this. Would have gotten me like 40-50 greenstones
  • Also, they've closed Western Door. The game is still available on the Google Play store as far as I can see.
  • The app is gone in Apple Store, but still available in Google Play. The end is near???
  • Kuro is still working for me, no other warriors move.....anyone else?
  • edited January 2017
    If this is the end i want to try Shokka first and I made it to Rank 1 already :smiley:
  • The game back in the AppStore. IAP is also back. Guess the game will be still around for a while which is good, although I will be playing a lot less since I already collected all the good warriors I want. From now on I mainly just be collecting daily rewards. Hope someday this game will get a new lease of life, till then I be contented watching from the sidelines.
  • @casualplayer Thanks for telling us that it was back on the store! I was freaking out that they removed it from the App Store and thought WOW was over. I think Fracture and MC are making something good and are trying their best for this game. :)
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