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Hunter zengis, aka, Abu, and toki

I had planned to make them all hunter and already have hunter tiki and hunter zengis, and I am underwhelmed with hunter. I want to like zengis and toki but I never use them because there is someone better for the job. If I am facing a water team or even two water warriors, air AOE like Erica hunter or ret does a better job than toki. If I am facing just single water on a team I find it more useful to use more rounded character that can also fight against the rest of the opposite team, poisoner/ armor breaker/ AOE/ hi physical/ switch strike etc etc. It seems to me that hunter is a dead end for toki and zengis. I wonder what others skill path for these two and their experience. I have aka and Abu already CRIT but I'm wondering if I should make them ret or sac them and give a different first skill. If toki had managed spring or SS I would play him more, maybe even ret. Same for zengis. Any others care to share their thoughts on these higher elemental hitters?
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    This is my opinion about this :

    - I prefer Zengis with mana-spring , so he can pair with warriors that have a powerful sm or do more damage with his sm

    - I like Toki with hunter : he does an insane amount of damage against any water warrior . Also I love when crit strikes ; tons of damage .

    - I love aka with hunter ! He one of my favourite warriors when fighting against a light or a medium armor air warrior . In addition , Aka is a nightmare when it comes to fight low health air warriors .

    - I recommend Abu with shell - auto . He does not die . If you pair him with kuro you will see his potential .

    Nevermind , as I said , these are my thoughts about these particular warriors . If you want more information or a different opinion try seeing the amazing work of @jacku , The Grand Encyclopaedia
  • Hunter Zengis is probably his best path.
    Shell-Auto is a better path for Toki than Hunter. Ditto Abu.
    Aka is best with Hunter. But if you have Doongara, upgrade Doongara instead.
  • all of those can be good Hunters .. they can do bunch but sadly only facing lower element warriors or they will be useless
    If you don't like them in Hunter i would prefer Shell-autopotion on any of them
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    The first time I got this game, I gave Zengis Shell, and I loved him. He's very durable. His NM is pretty high, so for you, I don't think Critical Hit-Hunter is all that bad a skill path. I personally don't really like the Guard skillpath, but I've never really tried it out that much, so I can't help much with that.

    Aka-Both Retribution and Hunter go great with Aka, it really just depends on your style of play. If you have an earth booster, Retribution might be the better choice, as I've heard that Hunter and Element boosting do not stack.

    Abu- I would say Shell-Autopotion. This skill path fits him best, because with Hunter, it doesn't boost his damage all that much, and with retribution, his SM isn't super strong anyways, so it'll do some good damage, but not overwhelming damage. With Shell-Autopotion, his durability will be much longer, and he'll probably be able to deal the same amount of damage over time as he would have been able to with Retribution.

    Toki-Honestly any of the Critical Hit skillpaths fit him pretty well, in my opinion. Shell-Autopotion also works well on him. It really just depends on your style of play. Granted, Erica will probably be better than Toki, but you also have to take into consideration that Toki is a common, while Erica is Super Rare. So naturally Erica should be better. Toki is however, one of the better common warriors, and I personally love him.

    When deciding what skills you want to give them, you might also want to take into consideration the third tier skill they will get. Sometimes, that is the factor that will help you decide which skill path to give them.

    Hope this helped.
  • Thanks for the replies. I just find their usefulness is limited in hunter. Their only strength is against weaker element and they are all already strong against weaker element. I already have badda so if I'm facing air warriors he can knock them out fine and still be strong against other elements as well. For toki, I just don't use him because against other elements he does not do anything. If he lasted longer or farmed MANA or had a some good ret hits I think I would use home more, and I'm wondering if the same is true for the others. I think I'll try ret on aka and sac toki and Abu and keep hunter zengis and try him out some more. Thanks for the replies!!!

  • @harun Either give Aka SS or Hunter because if he has Retribution then he'll be worse than Seni, the 4 pip claw crusher, in every way.
  • OK, thanks for the tip, it's a bummer that there are other characters like Seni/ viral that make aka/ toki obsolete in some aspects. I'll continue with hunter with aka for now, and see how it goes
  • @harun Good luck. That's one of the many failings of MC....

    Shell-Auto is an interesting path for Toki and Abu though...they're fun to play with because they can tank and deal quite a bit of damage.
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