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requests before the game dies for good...

So my bucket list for MC & the game...
1) at the top of my list, I'd really like to see MC release the Redblade minion from level 12/Black Gauntlet as a playable character... because if i'm going to level up anyone to put wings on them... it should be a bird dude... because that just makes sense.
  • I hate that eco system that made winning warriors as prize or from doors at low levels that make no sense
    Before if your main warrior at lvl 32 you will get the new warrior at lvl 32 now it sucks
  • edited January 2017
    @karamelakimo Seriously..... it does suc k
  • @karamelakimo Agreed. Worst system ever. Now I either have to wait a week to use my prize or pull from the honor door like crazy. It's so annoying.
  • I would like a new button when you're like in the training area and your warriors are like training so when you press the button your warriors can change hair, pants, panties, etc.

    I mean really we can customize the arena why not my warrior's asshair?

    This really made me quit. Not fair you know......apart from global warming and asteroid destroying the earth, this was my major complaint.

    Boo Fracture! Boooooooo
  • I would like a button that sacks Tom Brady.
  • @bvs72 I hear you have trouble finding the button.
  • Anyone know if any updates are coming? Or is the game on its last legs?
  • i can't imagine @glimmerman that with as few players as the game has dwindled to that there's a budget for updates.

    I hope I'm wrong - because just like their last horrible update killed the game, a great update could possibly save it. But they seem clueless to know what the fans would actually find fun, how to improve their game, and how to meaningfully monetize their update. They really need to make a fan update where we tell them what to do and what we'd actually spend money on, lol.
  • I wish for update really .. they have to finish the story at least
  • edited May 2017
    cant believe u lot still here lol.

    though I truly believe the game itself is dead. I highly doubt its generating any revenue, surely not even enough to fund a forum mod and any tech guy to keep the game alive.

    unfortunate really, insane amount of potential this game. one of the few best mobile games I had.
  • Nothing good will happen until we get a new US President.
  • R.I.P everything
  • The apocalypse is near
  • @bvs72 what's the problem with Trumpet?
  • The Trumpet blows too many people.
  • I've been told my farts sound like trumpets.
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