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Well I'm back for a time & fight against old classic team

edited January 2017 in Game Chat
Well I felt myself missing the game and decided to give it a try and during my first fights find myself missing it really a lot
I'm not totally free as before having a lot of work shifts now but I will try finding time for it playing trying getting new warriors and may be some arena fights
really missing the Forum and you guys a lot and wish if many still rememebr me

Check out one of my 1st fights against old classic team Tiberius - Kofi - Kuro filled up with tailsman and I was lucky having my fav team on set up
Nothing is big here but I'm just kinda excited for being back
The fight didn't go well Kuro made a huge mess taking Kofi with just 2 stealth then same done with Hannibal and my Wulf was Alone vs Kofi around 300 health and Kuro full hp but Wulf was a hero remembering me with old days image



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