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Logging into Facebook issues

Hi, don't know if anybody remembers me, but I used to be on these forums a bunch, and I used to be a huge fan of this game. However, around November I stopped playing because it was becoming a bit stale. But I decided to download it again, to see what was new. Anyway, I used to have a ton of warriors like Bibi, Zuma, Maximus, Aka, Kofi, and a great squad of warriors. I signed in with Facebook back when I had the game, so I tried to recover my old account using Facebook. But whenever I click on the facebook login place, the game just freezes, and I have to shut the app. After that, if I try to go back into the game, it doesn't work, and no other apps on my ipad work. I have to completely restart my ipad for anything to work again. Can one of the moderaters help?
  • It's your iPad, not the app. What are you using specifically?
  • @Kemical It's iPad mini 2. It should work fine, before when I had the game everything was super smooth and great. Everything works fine on it, except for the logging into Facebook thing.
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