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Kwan or Kazumi

edited December 2016 in Tactics & Strategies
I'm trying to know which to upgrade, should I either upgrade Kwan to 6 stars or Kazumi to 5 stars by getting three tower tokens, I only have enough water idols today for one of them
  • Take Kwan first if you already have 6 star water warriors to fight along side him. If not bring Kasumi up to expand your pool of warriors at your highest level.
  • Kwan is really good at taking on Fire warriors, he's tanky and hits hard. Unfortunately, he only gets off one hit before they switch out. Zoom zoom I've found to be a good lead in the arena, able to soak up hits to build up energy. Her leader skill works well with Water AOE warriors.
  • edited December 2016
    *Post deleted due to double post*
  • Kwan of course
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