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New Team

Hi all, first want to prefencd by saying im not a rusher/money booster ;). My old account unfortunatly the log in details for facebook was lost because of not playing for a year so i msg support but they can't give me my account back and can only restpre the purchases i have made. anyway the point is i have a new line up and i need help deciding my team of main. help would be apreciated.
  • Well the warriors need to level up for sure, but it not bad for a new acount. Try using mohinder and and boris together the boost is good with the multiple target attack. But i'd say that your main team would be spurius with soaring eagle and aka.
  • Ivan was a game changer for me early on. I went shell-auto for him, which keeps him alive longer. Pair him w/ a healer like amadok if needed. But you can also hench w/ Ivan & he'll get the job done.
  • other teams i'd see from your lineup:
    Soaring eagle-spurius-kasim (but save those coveted boosters like spurius and crixus for an AOE team when you get them)
    and of course, ivan-hench-hench
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