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Leonidas is back

Finally! I saved up 1300 greenies for this.

And got him on my second pull!
  • Nice! He's on my short lIst for the green door, so all warriors have been placed on high alert. I'm willing to lay off about 60% of my work force tof get Leonidas.
    Also, I always wait til Saturday for the green door, just in case they offer 50 gem entry. I know they had one last week, but you never know. :-)
  • Do u have guys the agorithm of specials? For example after Leo it will be Loser Fu after him kalaban etc
  • That was obnoxious. Finally got him on my 11th pull. I was, quite literally, down to the last batch of warriors I was okay sacrificing (and even then I had to turn my head before I pushed "boost"). Grand total of warriors sacrificed? Somewhere between 55-60. I had somewhere in the 90's. I'm now at 35 warriors.
  • Dann. Sounds harsh. At least you have a (presumably) all legendary crew now
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