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So now we are seeing WD Minons as Arena Prize?

Ram Raider has been in the WD right?

If so, this is progress...well, y'know, sort of.
  • ok so im hoping for another low (17k) cut off...probably will be if this forum is anything to go by...
  • Ram Raider, really? How come Sho Shank did'nt win fan favorite?
  • Maybe because of his useless 1-pip Vengeance and a skill path that doesn't fit (Shell-Auto-Recharge is a joke for Vengeance warriors minions @2912
  • But I'm missing Klik-Klak not Ramraider.....*end of whine*
  • oh - was this from a fan favourite? ... im no longer a fan so i guess i never got the mail
  • Fracture just got roasted
  • are they finally through all the useless, common minions that nobody wants?
  • looks like it is running towards end game...soon all the warriors will have been rinsed through the arena and then i expect things will wind down...

    Look out for essentially free pulls at the doors and the closing of in app purchased in conjunction with an announcement that the servers are closing...

    I'll get my full book first though!
  • What do you think their last ditch cash grab will be?

    Outright fee for unlocking all warriors?
  • I'm still looking for Guttrott @apollos712 (to complete the books).

    If they are going to shut down the servers, I hope they do one final update where they let you use potions, portals and skill boosts etc. offline. Ideally, they would make all warriors available through the various doors and have the temples usable without the servers.
    But I'm not holding my breath for any of this.
  • Yea, because they're a bunch of jerks
  • @lordson - no more cash grabs. Focus will be on avoiding refund claims.


    1. Stop IAP
    2. Devalue currency - ie gift everyone 100k gems
    3. Set a server close down date
    4. Stop doing Arena / Towers
    5. Wait to turn the lights off
  • i couldn't be bothered for most of the common minions @minh_74. the cooler looking ones i went for, though. I'm still 6 warriors away from filling the normal book - basically all the ones they haven't made available for a year or so. I doubt i'll ever fill even that book now that the arena seems to be a rush to get through all the minions. oh well. been fun watching them go down in flames w/ y'all.
  • You all must be wrong. It says this in the game for about a year. The devs would never use false advertising.

  • I stand corrected.

    Let me go follow them on social media for the latest news and updates!
  • They must be making LOTS more content... and making it AWESOME!

    (it really is sad, though. How many threads and suggestions have fans made for new map content & levels that went totally ignored)
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