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What's going on with BG skill?

For few weeks I used to have a issue with bodyguard skill in opponent team. It just doesn't work. Same with other skills like shell or retribution. They sometimes are useless coz they won't work, But bodyguard is completely kaput. Never activates in opponent team in the arena. In mine it works. Did u experience the same problem?
  • Was your opponent BG warrior a 1 or 2-pip BG? If yes, then that's normal. Because BG is almost non-functional in such levels.

    But if it was a 4 or 5-pip Bodyguard, then there is something wrong.
  • Idk, but I have only 1 bg's and they can neutralise even 800+ hit. 1p by in opp team isn't working on 100dmg hit
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